Predicting All 16 Bears Games

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Week 17: Sunday, Jan. 2 at Packers, 12pm

(Bears WINS in BOLD)

Boomer: Packers still hung over and have nothing to play for with division wrapped up. Bears 20-16

DeCon: Bears firmly in the wildcard position now with nothing to play for. Packers 27-10

Bart: with Green Bay resting Rodgers in the 2nd Half, Bears accept the gift and secure a wildcard spot in the playoffs with a 23-17 win.

Gavin: It’s “Bear Weather,” and yet the Bears still lose. The Packers still stick it to us.

City: Packers are well on their way to home field advantage in the playoffs, so they sit everyone, and just play bratwurst eating cheeseheads. Bears win in a close one 28 – 27.

Sam: Thought Lovie said his top priority is beating the Packers.  Packers win, Lovie’s fired