Is It Too Early to Start Calling Him Marshall Forte?


The Bears officially unveiled their new Mike Martz offense on Sunday in their 19-14 win over the Lions.  Not exactly the “Greatest Show on Turf” and it wasn’t always pretty, but one  stand out was Matt Forte.  Forte electrified the home crowd with an 89-yard screen pass that showed off the speed and burst that we haven’t seen since his rookie year.

Forte capped off his big day with the go-ahead touchdown on a 22-yard pass where Jay Cutler found Forte mismatched 0n a linebacker and lofted a perfectly thrown ball to Forte coming out of the backfield.  #22 finished the day with  7 catches for 151 yards and another 50 yards rushing to finish the day with over 200 all-purpose-yards.

Of course one reason that Forte had such a big day was because Jay Cutler was checking down while running for his life but don’t forget a guy named Marshall Faulk that flourished in the Mike Martz offense for the Rams.  In the 1999 Super Bowl season, Faulk racked up some monster numbers: 1381 rushing yards and 1048 receiving yards with 12 overall touchdowns.  Not a bad little season, huh?  Just imagine what can happen if the Bears’ line actually, I don’t know, blocks someone.   Is it too early to start calling him Marshall Forte?