Urlacher and Peppers Fined for Playing Rough


Maybe the Bears will bring back that Monsters of the Midway attitude after all.  Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers were each fined $5000 for playing a little too rough in their 19-14 win over the Lions last week.

Peppers got hit for roughing Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford, but not on the play that knocked the Lions’ QB out for the foreseeable future.  Here’s what Pep had to say about the fine:

"“I’m not going to appeal that,” Peppers said. “My hand got high. I’d do the same thing again. I’m coming around his body to swipe the ball, and my hand hit his head.”"

Meanwhile Urlacher got tagged for $5k for pushing Lions’ guard Stephan Peterman after the whistle on a Tommie Harris fumble recovery.  Urlacher plans to appeal his fine:

"“I don’t want to pay it. It shouldn’t be a fine, in my mind,” Urlacher said. “First of all, I didn’t hear the whistle. If they would have blown the whistle, I would have stopped. (Peterman) said he didn’t even hear the whistle.”"

A third Bear got hit in the wallet on Friday too, but this wasn’t by the league.  Brandon Manumaleuna was fined $22,000 for missing a mandatory meeting the Saturday before the Lions game.