The DeCon’s Week 3 Fantasy Football Picks


I am coming to you live from 34,000 feet on my way to international parts unknown (to you anyway) for business.  I was fortunate to have WiFi on the flight, so I could get to blogging.  This past week was extremely busy and sometimes life gets in the way.  Week 3 is an important week in the fantasy football world.  This is where we start to see some separation in the teams as you now have a decent sample population to know who is for real and who isn’t.  Injuries are starting to creep up on us too.  Key guys like Ryan Matthews, Knowshon Moreno, Andre Johnson and others might be impacting you this week.  On to my picks… 

Guys I Like

  • Andre Johnson vs Dallas – You saw him listed above on guys with injuries, but AJ is going to play and play well against a Dallas D that allowed Jay Cutler to go for almost 300yds passing and 3 TDs.
  • Mike Tolbert @ SeattleRyan Matthews is very likely to sit out this game with the dreaded high ankle sprain, but Tolbert proved last week he can do some damage and I think he will do some this week in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Chris Johnson @ NYG – I know, a no brainer, but for anyone who was nervous about him last week, chill out, because no one runs on the Pitt D.  CJ2K will bounce back HUGE this week.  Plus, with Vince Young becoming Vince Young again, the Titans will lean heavily on the running game.
  • Kyle Orton vs Indy  – You could do a lot worse that Orton this week.  With Moreno out, expect Denver to come out passing.  And when they are down to Indy, expect them to pass even more.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew vs Philly – I know, another guy you probably wouldn’t be sitting, but given his first 2 weeks, you might think about it.  But, please don’t!  MJD will get his MoJo on this week.
  • Cincy DST @ Carolina – Rookie QB Jimmy Clausen takes the helm and the Cincy D should treat him like a school girl.

Guys I Don’t Like

  • Jay Cutler vs GB – Yeah, JC has been here before by my rankings, but I need to see him do it under the bright lights of Monday Night Football, before I can trust him.  Plus the GB D is very strong and Clay Matthews might be a big reason for me thinking JC will struggle.  Of course, its Packer week and I want nothing more than to be wrong about this!  BEAR DOWN!!!
  • Darren McFarren vs Arizona  – Michael Bush is back and I expect him to steal a good portion of the load from RunDMC.  Plus, the AZ D should be fired up for their home opener anyway.  Trade RundDMC if you can, his value won’t be any higher.
  • Mike Williams vs Pitt – I think Williams is a nice WR and a good pickup if still available, but with The Hair of Troy patrolling the secondary, look away this week.
  • Ronnie Brown/Ricky Williams vs NY Jets – The Jets are still angry from week 1 and their run D has never looked better.  This game could be very low scoring.  Might be a FG Pillow Fight, only more violent.
  • Fred Taylor vs Buffalo – Looks like a juicy matchup…BEVERAGE CART BREAK…ok, I’m back with a cocktail in hand…as I was typing before, looks like a juicy matchup, but Fragile Fred may soon be giving way to the Law Firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis.  Belacheat didn’t trade Maroney away to watch this kid sit.  Go get BJGE if you can and stash him until we know for sure what Darth Hoodie one does with him.

Alrighty kids, it is time for me to get a nap on this flight to nowhere…rest assured, I will be online on Sat night/Sun morning if you have any questions.  Hit me at or follow me on Twitter @DeCon76.  And if you were wondering, I have found an American Sports Bar where I am going, so I will be able to get my fix of the NFL and the Beloved on Monday Night!  It’s Packer Week!!!  Bear Down and…

CAN I GET AN AMEN!?!?!?!?!

 The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…