Bears Mauled in New York, Lose 17-3 to Giants


It was due to happen, but the way it happened is what is so disturbing.  The Bears got mauled in New York on Sunday night, falling 17-3 to the Giants.  If you’d like to see the lowlights, check out the clip here.

The Bears finish the first quarter of the season with a 3-1 record, but still head home with a sour taste in their mouths.  The worst part?  Jay Cutler left the game at halftime after getting a concussion in one of the Giants’ nine (yes NINE!) quarterback sacks.

Let’s face it, the story of this game is Jay Cutler.  If he misses any time due to the concussion, this season is headed downhill really fast.  Todd Collins came in to relieve Cutler in the 2nd half and he looked like a QB that you picked up off the scrap heap just weeks before the season started.  He left the game in the 4th quarter after getting lit up and emergency quarterback Caleb Hanie got the call to duty.  It left me scrambling to see who the emergency emergency quarterback is.

It seemed like the Bears caught a big break when Mathias Kiwanuka was ruled out of the game and Osi Umenyiora had battled injuries leading up to Sunday’s contest.  Osi had 3 sacks and the only other legit threat on the Giants defensive front, Justin Tuck, had 3 of his own.   The Bears were simply overmatched up front.

The offensive line has been a big concern all season, but tonight was the straw that broke the Cutler’s back.  By the end of the game, you had JaMarcus Webb and Edwin Walker (WHO?) on the right side of your offensive line.  Frank Omiyale returned to his bad form with at least 2 false starts that I counted but he was completely worthless trying to block anyone.

And don’t get me started on Brandon Manumaleuna.  Why did we sign this guy?  Wasn’t he supposed to come here as a blocking tight end?  You know, the “put your hand on the ground” blocking tight end?  Take the ski mask off buddy – you’re stealing from the Bears!

Not only are Cutler and the quarterbacks suffering in this game; the running game is non-existent.  The natural thing to do when you’re getting pressured is to start running the ball.  But wait, they can’t because they can’t block anyone.  Matt Forte and Chester Taylor combined for 48 rushing yards on 15 carries, a meager 3.2 yards per carry.

It wasn’t all bad for the Bears.  The defense hung in there, even though the wore down later in the game.  Julius Peppers continues to play at another level.  A couple of other bullet points from my yellow pad:

  • Adjustments? Couldn’t hit the hots, couldn’t screen, couldn’t run.  This was the anti-Dallas game.  It’s your move Martz.
  • Lance Louis left the game with a knee injury.  Not sure if that made the line better or worse?  Word is that they may promote Johas Asiata off the practice squad. You know, the guy they just cut to bring Edwin Williams (WHO?) up.
  • Anthony Adams is way underrated.  That boy can play.  Nice play blowing up Brandon Jacobs to force a turnover.
  • Zack Bowman – nice hustle kid.  He saved a sure touchdown with a nice punchout of Ahmad Bradshaw.  Great play.
  • Where were our wide receivers today?  Part of why Cutler was getting his ass kicked is because these guys weren’t getting open.
  • Dez Clark inactive?  Come on!
  • Bears continued their putrid 3rd down conversions and finished 0 for 13 on converting 3rd downs.  You aren’t going to win many games when you put up those kind of numbers.
  • Wait a second, I think Jay Cutler just got sacked again.
  • Please stop trying to tell me that the Mike Tice hiring was a good one.  He has fixed the offensive line this year like Rod Marinelli fixed the defensive line last year.
  • Bears head to Carolina next week.  They nearly pulled the upset of the Saints in New Orleans.  Yes, the world champion Saints.  There are no gimmes.

My best advise for the Bears.  Watch the tape on Monday, then burn it. Then flush the ashes of the film down the toilet.


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