Cutler Ruled Out, Collins to Start for Bears vs Panthers


Jay Cutler will be tucked safely away on the sidelines (or possibly cuddled up on the couch next to Kristen Cavallari) on Sunday after an independent doctor failed to clear him to play against the Panthers.  This from Chicago Breaking Sports:

"Cutler practiced on a limited basis Wednesday, but after being examined by an independent doctor, it was determined that although he was making progress in his recovery from the injury, he shouldn’t play against the Panthers."

Gee, I thought the Bears’ doctors or Lovie Smith read my Lower the Boom post which said Cutler should sit.  Thankfully the NFL has a process in place to protect players from this situation.  Had it not been for the independent doctor, I can assure you Cutler would be rushed back.  Lovie and Co. have their jobs on the line after all.

I think the Bears are making a HUGE mistake starting Collins over Caleb Hanie.  Hanie was the Bears’ top choice to be Cutler’s backup before a shoulder injury sidelined him for a few weeks in the preseason.  Collins looked lost, old, slow… name your adjective for just plain bad against the Giants.  He left the game with a stinger after a vicious hit.

Hanie came in to relieve him and actually looked competent.  He was able to move around in the pocket and move the ball a little bit, functions that are important when the offensive line and running game struggled as much as they do for the Beloved.

If the Bears want to have any chance against the Panthers on Sunday, they MUST run the ball, no two ways about it.  It’s time for Mike Martz to dust that portion of the 10,000 page playbook off and start running the damn ball.

It’s time to start getting some return on the Chester Taylor/Brandon Manumaleuna part of the offseason spending spree and use these guys to help establish a ground game.  Absent that, I’m afraid it could be a long day for Todd Collins/Caleb Hanie or whoever else lines up under center for the Bears.


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