Some Thoughts from the Newest Bear Goggles On Writer


Before I introduce myself, I have a confession to make.  I’m addicted to that certain football team located on the north side of Chicago, and I have been ever since seeing Mark Carrier intercept 10 passes in his rookie season.  I was eight years old and from that season on, I became obsessed with the Chicago Bears and their history of great defenses.  Hi, my name is Dan Dziedzic, but my friends call me Deez.

I’ve lived my entire life in Chicago and absolutely love sports, especially football.  I used to sit and watch Bears games with all my football cards strewn about in front of me.  I would do this so I could look up the stats of different players when they made plays or were just mentioned by the broadcasters.  Basically, the cards were my own little, before I had the internet.

The more I watched the Bears, the more I became addicted.  Yes, I was too young to remember the 1985 Bears and that magical season, but I have stood by the Bears for as long as I my memory will allow.  It has become one addiction that I refuse to give up.  Like a spurned soul mate, I continually come back because of moments like a Devin Hester kick return TD in the Super Bowl.  Ridiculous.

So give me a Craig Krenzel and a Curtis Enis and I’ll still watch and cheer, Ditka forbid.  But make no mistake, I’m a realist.  Once the game is over, I’ll tell it how it is.  You can count on me to give a game ball to the studs and to trash the duds (I’m looking at you Tommie Harris.)  Through my posts, I look forward to sharing my addiction with you all and hope that we can ride it out together.