The DeCon’s Week 5 Fantasy Football Picks


Week 5 is upon us and we are too close to the halfway point for one of my teams, but I am expecting to finish strong…that’s right Brad, Solak, Dorsch and our very own Boomer…I am gunning for ya!!!  My other squads are solid and marching through opponent after opponent.  I was even able to pull off a trade for one of my squads.  I shipped off Andre Johnson and Ahmad Bradshaw to a team for Adrian Peterson and Marques Colston.  I made the move primarily because I like the idea of adding AP to a backfield that already boasts Arian Foster and Peyton “the Beast” Hillis, plus I had Santonio Homes stashed on my bench and he is back this week, so I expect him and Colston to pick up where AJ left off…lest we forget, this is my super squad that still has Calvin Johnson and Peyton Manning on it…anyway, I would love to hear your comments about my trade and answer any questions you might have about a trade or waiver move…you can always hit me on or on Twitter @DeCon76…

Don’t forget your bye weeks for the Dolphins, Patriots, Steelers and Seahawks and now check out my picks after the jump…

Guys I like

  • Maurice Jones-Drew @ Buffalo – You thought MJD showed up last week???  Wait until he faces the Buffalo defense that was gashed for about 6,476 rushing yards last week.
  • Mark Clayton @ Detroit – Sam Bradford’s favorite target should be able to shred a defense that has allowed 8 TDs throught the air in 4 weeks and is ranked 26th against the pass.
  • Michael Bush vs San Diego – RunDMC is very, very doubtful by most reports, so Michael Bush could see a significant increase in his workload.  In his limited carries he is averaging more than 5 yards and had his first score last week.  Look for him to keep that up against the Bolts this week.  Go add him if you still can!
  • Bears DST @ Carolina – Julius Peppers and Chris Harris return to Carolina where a rookie QB and no Steve Smith await.  If last week’s offensive debacle proved anything, it proved our defense is excellent and simply wore down in the game.  They weren’t beaten physically.  I expect a HUGE game from the Bears DST…face it, we’ll need it with Captain Collins at the helm of the Titantic.
  • Kyle Orton @ Baltimore – Sure the Baltimore D is the best in the business, but the Broncos O is # 1 in the league in passing and Orton is leading the league with nearly 340 yards passing each week.  He may not be flashy, but he has certainly been effective in this offense and I believe he will continue to roll.

Guys I Don’t Like

  • Kevin Kolb @ San Fran – Maybe, like me, you held onto Kolb hoping he might get a shot somewhere down the road and because of a bye week, you are considering starting him.  I would pull back on those reins.  The kid just doesn’t look right and I think his confidence is in the toilet.  Plus, add to that the fact he is going on the road to face a VERY desparate team who will do anything to win this game and I don’t see a lot of positives to starting Kolb.
  • LaDanian Tomlinson vs Minnesota – I know LT looked great last week, but it was the freakin Bills.  Call a “22 belly option” (on 2, on 2) for me with Boomer leading the way and I’d look good against the Bills.  We need to see LT perform against a real defense to know he’s back.  Plus the ViQueens are coming off a bye and should be ready because this is a very important game for them.
  • Adrian Peterson @ NYJ – The other big name RB is this game…now I know you can’t sit AP, but I wouldn’t expect AP-esque numbers.  My point here is, don’t take too many chances with the rest of your lineup, because you can not book AP for his standard 20-25 points this week.
  • DeAngelo Williams vs Bears – The Bears will be daring Jimmy Clausen to beat them this week, which means D-Will will be watched bery closely.  I would expect him to benefit some with check downs, but the Bears will have a plan to essentially eliminate him from the equation.  Of this much, I am certain about the Bears.
  • Larry Fitgerald vs Saints – This is not so much a compliment to the Saints D as it is a comment against Fitz’s situation with a rookie QB, Max Hall, in his first NFL start against the World Champs.  Hall might be crapping down his leg during the national anthem.  You should worry about Fitz this week and for the forseeable future.  I would try to trade him now as him name recognition could get you something of value from a guy in your league that doesn’t pay too close attention, but don’t wait too long.


The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…