Are you the Ultimate Displaced Bears Fan?


Are you the Ultimate Displaced Bears Fan? If you think you are, DirecTV wants to get to know you. They’re running a contest to find the Ultimate Displaced Fan and BIG prizes are at stake. And when I say BIG PRIZES, I have 2 words for you: Super Bowl! As you might expect, with BIG prizes on the line, the competition is pretty stiff. Check out this video from last year’s winner:

Sure, the video production is high quality, but his singing sounds like a dying dog. So if you’re living behind enemy lines and you have a great story of Bears loyalty to tell, sign up by visiting the contest page at

You can read the contest rules there. Here’s an excerpt from the Press Release they sent along.

"Do you think you are America’s most die-hard displaced NFL Fan?  Do you sit at home on Sunday’s in New York praying for your local CBS or FOX affiliate to show Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and the rest of the Bears?  Do you wake up Sunday mornings in the Frozen Tundra and pray that Brian Urlacher will be on TV?  Are you so die-hard that you’d recreate a replica Old Texas Stadium in your two car garage in Virginia to show your love for the Cowboys or lament on your death by creating a video of you as a zombie telling your wife that you passed away because you were forced to watch the Bengals play rather than your beloved Steelers?This is the case for the past two winner’s of DIRECTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Contest and you could be next as DIRECTV, for the third year in a row, seeks to find America’s most die-hard displaced NFL Fan and award them a trip for two to Dallas, two tickets to the Super Bowl among a host of other prizes.  All you need to do is submit a video, essay, photo to and show why you are America’s most die-hard displaced NFL Fan. Here is an example of exactly what you can WIN if you are declared America’s Ultimate Displaced Fan. And here is a direct LINK to last year’s winner, a Steelers fan from Lexington, KY, Bengals country.  THINK YOU CAN TOP IT?"

So let’s represent Bears fans and show the world that we’re the most die-hard fans around. If you win, all I ask is to take me along to the Super Bowl. Oh come on, who else would you take?


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