Handicapping NFL Week 6: PICKS OF THE WEEK


The craziness of the NFL season continues – upsets, reality tv storylines, and injuries that will impact teams’ chances of making that end of the season tournament thing.  The Brett Favre storyline dominated sports talk all week as I’m sure it was constructed to.  Like most people in the voyeuristic world we live in, I find the story fascinating.  Brett Favre is an idiot, plain and simple.  The sooner athletes figure out that we live in a digital world where anything can get anywhere at anytime, the better off they’ll be.

Michael Phelps, it may not be a good idea to put pick up a bong and let someone take a picture of you.  Blackhawk friends, good choice on the limo, poor choice with letting the girls take pictures of you (especially those girls).  Tiger….texting?  Seriously?  Favre – have you been out on the tractor of yours too long?  How could you not think that at some point in time, someone wouldn’t want to turn your communications into a pretty penny?  On the flip side of the story, I don’t think it is upon the NFL to be the morality police.  I understand that they have to investigate since the story is out, but if it is true that this story leaked through a friend, the story should end.  Doesn’t sound like harrassment to me if Jenn Sterger is showing and sharing the texts/pictures with her friends out of amusement.  Harrassment is unwelcomed and unwanted and if Sterger felt that Favre was harrassing her, it should have been taken care of immediately – not released 2 years later when the Vikings were playing the Jets on Monday Night to increase the amount of national attention.  This story stinks.  Favre is an idiot.  Someone is looking for an unncessary payout and sexual harrassment in the workplace is unfortunately being cast in the wrong light because of this nonsense.  Then again, there may be tons of info out there that we’re not privileged to know just yet that could totally alter my opinion. Off the soap box, but so you know, stuff like this does affect lines….

Last week recap: Too good to be true, I should’ve known.  I fell into the Vegas trap, and usually I’m able to stay out of it.  I’m still convinced that the Packers are a better team than the Redskins, but the better teams don’t always win, especially when your team is dropping like flies to injuries.  I called the Atlanta win correctly, thank goodness.  I say thank goodness because my third pick was the Saints.  That has to be my biggest what the $#%@% moment of the year.  I know Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush are out and I know they play a significant role in the offense.  But, Arizona had a 3rd string QB going and they are terrible.  How did the Saints lose that game?  So many people lost in survival pools across the country on that one.  It just goes to show, the games aren’t played on paper, they’re played on the fields.  On to Week 6:


Packers -3 vs Miami –I know, they burned you last week.  They have a lot of injuries – how can they overcome the injuries?  The Packers will still have enough in the tank to beat Miami at Lambeau this week.  That 3 points is non-confidence in the Packers because of recent play and their injuries, but they are still one of the better teams in the NFC and they will play like it at home this week.

New Orleans -4 @ Tampa – I feel like the betting public a little bit, sticking to the “big” teams despite poor play.  New Orleans is a lot like the Packers, they should be alot better than they’ve been playing.  Their offense is not playing like a juggernaut and the games are close and they’re losing.  I’m sorry, Tampa Bay is not a “real” 3-1 team and New Orleans is going to come in with a bitter taste in their mouth from losing to the poor excuse of a team, Cardinals.  Look for a little redemption this week with a cover.

Indy -3 @ Washington – It may seem like I’m mad at some of the teams because of the way my picks turned out last week, but I’m not.  Indy has a porous rush defense and this game likely will be close with Washington wanting to keep Manning off the field with their rushing game.  However, I think Manning will take care of business this week against Washington to cover 3 on the road.

Upset Special of the Week:

Oakland +7 @ SanFran – this is a tough one for me to pick because I’ve written over and over again that Oakland is better this year and SanFran is the best horrible team.  I really can’t understand why this spread is sitting at 7.  My spidey senses are telling me that there is some “Favre-like” information out there about a Raider that the public just doesn’t know about yet.  Why would the 0-5 49ers be favored by 7 points?  I definitely feel like this may be the game to break the goose egg, but 7 points?  I’ll take the Raiders.


Bears -6 vs Seattle – I first need to know if Seattle is going to where that terrible green uniform jersey again this year, that will alter how many points I think the Bears win by.  If that lime green jersey makes an appearance, Bears win by a touchdown more – no man can feel like a football player wearing that color (see Tampa Bay record in the creamsicle orange).  Cutler and Martz will be excited seeing this weak Pass Defense and will blend a 70/30 Pass/Rush Offense to take care of business on Sunday.  Look for short drops and slants/screens until Martz sees how the line is holding up.  If the line starts out good, look for some longer Knox routes.  Bears take care of business by double digits on Sunday.

Last Week: 3 Picks:  1-2   Upset Special: 1-0     Bears Pick:  1-0

Season: 3 Picks: 8-6-1    Upset Special: 3-2   Bears Pick: 2-3