After a rousing bachelor party ..."/>

After a rousing bachelor party ..."/>

Who Are The Bears? Bear Dawn (10/17)


After a rousing bachelor party on Saturday night in Moline, I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the game.  I was able to listen to Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer for the first half and then lost the signal (’tis what happens when you cross the America-Canada border).  From what it sounds like, I’m glad I wasn’t able to watch whatever that was.

Before I get into the links, who are the Bears?  A good team one week, a bad team the next.  Here’s some other quick reactions:

– Unfortunately, I see more bad games ahead of us.  The Giants showed the world how to beat the Bears, and it looks like the Seahawks were able to follow their gameplan to a T.

– Again, I’m just hoping that Cutler makes it alive through the season.  He’s a tough SOB, but no one can take that much abuse.  Abandoning the running game almost entirely isn’t a good thing.

– For the record, I believe that Chester Taylor should be starting over Forte.  Yeah, I said it.  Taylor is a bruiser, whereas Forte has a little bit more agility to him.  Since our offensive line can’t block anyone, wouldn’t we need the bruiser more?

– Our offensive line is awful.  Wait, that’s not news.

Anyways, onto the links.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gavintugana).  And tune into Boers & Bernstein tomorrow at 1 PM for the inevitable “When’s Hanie starting?” call.

Larry Mayer’s usual writeup of the game.

….and he actually points out the pass-protection woes.

Chicago Sun-Times

Neil Hayes: Communication breakdown caused the six sacks.

Rick Telander has a solid article about how sadistic Martz is.

Rick Morrissey wrote an article.  This is what he came up with.

Mike Mulligan is furious at Mike Martz.

Chicago Tribune

Dan Pompei subtly belittles the coaching staff.

I love Steve Rosenbloom.

David Haugh thinks the Bears abandoned the run too soon.  And he’s still mad about Antti Niemi not getting re-signed.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Jim Miller is mad at Cutler.  For the record, I’d like to point out that Jim Miller was a big bag of awful as a QB.

John Mullin grades out the Bears (hint: not so good).

Daily Herald

Barry Rozner is quickly becoming one of my favorite columnists.

Mike Imrem made another witty pun about preseason.

ESPN Chicago

Melissa Isaacson lays the wood.

Jon Greenberg believes the defense needs to get its act together quickly.

Five things Jeff Dickerson learned from the game.

Michael C. Wright: The Bears’ OL is a huge problem.

The only good thing that happened: Devin Hester tied Brian Mitchell’s all-time return for TD mark.