What in the hell was that?  Se..."/>

What in the hell was that?  Se..."/>

Bear Down? Not This Year. Bear Dawn (10/25)


What in the hell was that?  Seriously, what just happened?  I feel concussed.

Let me just hit on a few key points from the game:

– The defense was phenomenal.  Yes, they gave up some yards at the end, but that’s ok.  They stopped McNabb and Co. most of the game; can’t fault them for getting tired.

– Martz made some key adjustments in the second quarter.  But what was he doing early on?  Every single opponent knows how to beat the Bears – blitz and get in Cutler’s dome.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Cutler’s a wuss or anything like that.  But, when you continually get pounded (and hard), one gets skittish.  You can see Cutler getting sloppy with his footwork once the defense shows blitz.  That’s a new definition of “learned helplessness.”

– By my count, two picks were the receiver’s fault and two were Jay’s.  Our wideouts HAVE TO come back for balls (or at least interfere with the defensive effort).  Both Johnny Knox and Devin Hester stood there.  Johnny Knox didn’t even finish out his route!  That’s inexcusable.

– How is our offensive line this awful?  Seriously.  I’m getting sick of watching these bozos try to block.  I say try for a reason – did you see the Haynesworth-Chris Williams sack?

– Julius, where art thou?  Not saying that the Carolina pundits were right  by any stretch, but I didn’t see him getting close to McNabb today.  I realize a lot of what Julius Peppers means to our defense isn’t available on a stat sheet (overcompensation on OL, etc.)….he wanted high expectations and gave them to us for five weeks.  I wanted to see it today too.  Just saying.

– One defensive player I’m not worried about is Israel Idonije.  Man, he was a force.  I really like him and Matt Toeaina better than seeing Tommie Harris out there.

– Oh, and if you feel like David Haugh does about Cutler, don’t come crying to me for sympathy.  Talk about pandering to the lowest common denominator.

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