Pounding the Pulpit…DeCon Style!!!


The time has come for me to climb on my pulpit and do some pounding, gang.  Now, this isn’t the pounding you might be expecting, ye of dirty minds…

Let me start by admitting that I have always been a Lovie Smith apologist.  I have had frequent conversations with Boomer about his other blog Fire Lovie Smith and how I felt that the problems with the Bears cannot be soley pinned on Lovie.  And while that may still be true, I have NEVER been so mad as hell as a Bears fan with the performances in the last two games and specifically that pile of steaming crap I saw yesterday.  You can ask anyone, I am always the “glass is half full guy” when it comes to the teams I love.  But, in the immortal words of Da Coach, “this too shall pass…”

There needs to be a pink slip handed out to someone at Halas Hall today.  We all know it won’t be Lovie, but whoever advised him NOT to review the Cutler QB Sneak TD that my 4 year old was calling for a challenge of should be GONE!!!  There is simply NO excuse!  I know Lovie probably didn’t want to lose another timeout for his ILL ADVISED challenge of Earl Bennett’s near TD, but gang, if you have to challenge a borderline TD reception because you are worried you can’t score with 1st and Goal from the half yard line, isn’t that indicative of MANY other problems?

Some of you out there want to hang this on Jay Cutler and his reversion back to his color blind ways when passing the rock to the wrong team, but can you really blame him?  You couldn’t pay me enough to stand behind that offensive line in a flag football game, let alone a game where angry, grown men have the worst intentions for you and they are running free.  Jay has been beat like a red-headed stepchild all season.  Kids who get beat up like this, run away from home and are never seen again.  Jay doesn’t have that luxury.  He is the man, he makes millions and he literally has to risk his life every week and for what?  Well besides the millions of dollars, I can’t think of another reason to do it.  In fact, if I were him, I’d consider something like this video if it saved him some abuse on the field.

Thankfully, we have a bye week coming up and then the Bills, yeah the Bills that just pushed the Ravens to Overtime.  Let’s face it, there is no easy game in the NFL, but the Bears blew their best chance at running away and hiding with the division before the bye week.  By my estimation, if we had any offense at all the last 2 weeks, we could be sitting at 6-1 right now.  Our defense has proven to be solid, but they need at least 14 points from the offense if we are going to start winning some of these games.  After the Bills, the schedule doesn’t do us any favors, so Lovie and his coaching staff need to straighten some shit out during the bye.  Regardless, though, I am putting a foot on the bandwagon to ride Lovie out of town.  The team I love will not have a legitimate shot at a championship with him as a coach if things keep at this pace.

A message for Lovie from Uncle Sam via the DeCon



The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…