Redskins – Bears Enhanced Box Score


It was a long Sunday for Bears players and fans and the numbers show it. As much as Cutler was to blame, it was a team effort and there were plenty of opportunities to shift the game’s momentum with one play. The sacks continued (Bears Guard Chris Williams even helped out on two sacks on Cutler), the turnovers came often and Martz still refused to run the ball even after they actually had some good runs.  Though they look bad on paper, they are still first in their division.  Let’s take a look at some team stats from the game against the Redskins and reflect on what happened. It’s not pretty, be aware.

And that is that. Bad ugliness all over the place. I’ll enjoy the bye week and try not to look at where the Bears rank in any stat categories. Let’s hope some rest and a large dose of the Buffalo Bills will be the right medicine for the ailing Bears in the upcoming weeks.  I’ve heard a lot of talk about people giving up on the Bears after this week’s loss.  I’ll tell ya though, it ain’t over.  No one is running away with the NFC and six teams have the make the playoffs.  It’s just going to be tough doing it with Lovie at the helm.  We will see.