Handicapping NFL WEEK 8: Picks of the Week


Ouch.  Tough week last week.  I’ll pardon myself for the bad week because my other big pick came in last week.  One year ago, my brother, uncle, and I picked San Fran Giants to win the NL Pennant at 15 to 1 odds in Vegas.  A simple $25 wager picked up $375.  I’ll take it.  But, back to the NFL, what another crazy week.  Some of my midway thoughts and adjustments:

*I owe KC an apology, they are pretty good.  They are playing solid football and are playoff bound.  I’ll be keeping my eye on them in future weeks.

*New Orleans is not the same team without Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas.

*The Bears are crazy and if I could, I wouldn’t pick their games weekly.

*I’m still not a Buc-Believer.

*Keep an eye on the Titans.  Remember, they are still on a roll from last year and how they finished the season.  Their record was terrible last year because of their horrendous start.

*49ers must not be as good as I thought they were going to be.  I’m sticking behind my Oakland opinion, and they proved why last week with that 59-14 drubbing of the Broncos in Denver.

*I’m curious to see how the Cowboys do with Kitna – he looked pretty comfortable last week – might’ve been what Giants were giving him though.


Rams -2.5 vs Panthers – The Rams are up and coming under Bradford’s directions and Jackson’s running.  Carolina is not a good team and shouldn’t be celebrated for beating a 49ers team that traveled West to East Coast last week.  I’m suprised that this line has dropped from 3 and that money is going towards Carolina this week.  This is not the Rams team we are accustomed to seeing from years past.

Cowboys -6.5 vs Jacksonville – line would’ve been over 7 with Romo, but obviously with Dallas’ inconsistent play and a 2nd string QB at the helm, confidence is waning on “America’s Team.”  Kitna is going to step in and guide Dallas to at least a 10 point win and Dallas rights the ship for a week.

New England -5.5 vs Minnesota – Brett Favre on gimpy ankle – I’ll take it.  Despite the fact that Moss back to New England scares me a little bit, Brett is going to push himself a little too hard and make some mistakes that cost his team again.  It’s tough to beat Tom Brady at home and if this turns into a shootout, I’ll take the younger poised QB versus the older, experienced, gimpy gunslinger.

Upset Special of the Week:

Broncos +1 vs  San Fran – both teams are travelling to London so there isn’t a real “home” team.  Both teams are reeling after embarrassing losses last week, but Denver’s offense will outscore the 49ers that can’t quite figure out what direction they are going in, except down in the standings.


Mercifully, on a Bye.

Last Week: 3 Picks:  1-2   Upset Special: 0-1   Bears Pick:  0-1

Season: 3 Picks: 10-9-2    Upset Special: 3-4   Bears Pick: 2-5