’85 Bears Flashback: Bears Beat Packers 16-10


This season marks the 25th anniversary of the 1985 Super Bowl Bears. We’ll look back at all of the games leading up to the last Lombardi Trophy coming to Halas Hall. To take the full trip down memory lane, check out Run The Ball for a complete DVD series of every game of the histiric 1985 Bears season. Tell them Bear Goggles On sent you! You can also get your ticket to join the ‘85 Bears in their Glory Days Reunion here. Tickets are still available, so go get them today! Special thanks to a couple of YouTube channels for the great ‘85 Bears stuff they have as well – here and here. Check em out!

November 3, 1985

The Bears had already beaten the Packers just a couple of weeks earlier on Monday Night Football, so the Packers were seeking revenge as the Bears rolled into Lambeau.   The bad blood between the Bears and Packers went all the way up the ranks to the coaches; there was no love loss between Mike Ditka and Forrest Gregg.  The Packers were looking to pick a fight all game long.  In the end, the Bears let their 9-0 record do the talking.  Usually I give a recap, then roll the highlights, but let’s watch the clip first, then catch up on the scoring.

Here are some highlights:

This was a tight game for the Bears.  After Al Del Greco put the Pack up 3-0, a William Perry TD reception – yes RECEPTION – gave the Bears a 7-3 halftime lead amid plenty of extra-curricular activity after many plays including a cheap shot that sent Walter Payton over the bench and a blindside of Matt Suhey well after the whistle .  This is what the rivalry is all about.

The Packers claimed a 10-7 lead on a 55-yard Jim Zorn TD pass.  After a Steve McMichael safety closed the gap to a 10-9 game, it was Sweetness’ 27 yard TD scamper that proved to be the difference, giving the Bears a 16-0 win.

Here’s how the Tribune’s Don Pierson described some of the action:

"Walter Payton could have been a great fighter, too. Fortunately for the Bears, he reminded everyone Sunday that it still takes great players to win football games.Payton`s 27-yard touchdown run with 10:31 to play beat the Green Bay Packers 16-10 and kept the Bears undefeated.It was their closest call of the season, and they had to call on Payton to pull it out. He obliged with 192 yards on 28 carries in a performance that awed his teammates and kept 55,343 fans in Lambeau Field from thinking they were watching pro wrestling."

Can you imagine something like this happening today?

"When the Bears arrived at Lambeau Field, a bag of fertilizer awaited them in the locker room with a signed note from a Wisconsin radio station: “Here`s what you guys are full of.“If it didn’t serve to rile up the Bears’ players, defensive tackle Dan Hampton said, “It ticked off Ditka.““They played about as hard as I was excited,“ said Ditka."

Seriously?  A bad of fertilizer?  Those crazy cheddar-heads!  The Bears had the last laugh, sweeping the season series with their rivals to the North and a 9-0 start.