The Bills Scare the Hell out of Me


Is it just me or is anyone else out there scared to death of the Buffalo Bills?  I know, I know.  They’re 0-7 and rank at or near the bottom of many NFL categories.  That’s the scary part – they have nothing to lose.  They are a wounded animal – unpredictable and dangerous.

Since they moved Ryan Fitzpatrick (or is it Patrick Fitzryan?) in as the starting QB, their offense has been taking shape.  He’s got 12 TD’s in just 5 starts for the Bills this season, with an impressive 382 yards and 3 TD’s against an ever-dangerous Baltimore Ravens team.  Their last 2 games have come down to overtime.  The arrow for the Bills is pointed up.  Where else could it be pointing for an 0-fer the season team, but they are steadily improving.

On the other hand, the Bears arrow is pointed decidedly down.  They come off the bye losers of two straight home games to beatable NFC opponents.  Lovie Smith doesn’t exactly boast a great record against the AFC, with an 11-13 record.  The Bears are 3-3 coming off the BYE under Lovie too.  Any of these little factoids getting you excited about this game?

Do you get where I’m heading with this?  While the records are far apart, these teams appear to be heading in different directions.  I wrote a piece for where I said the Bears stand at a crossroads, kind of like that sign on the left.   It’s up to them to go in the right direction.  A loss to the Bills and we’ll know where this season is headed.