The DeCon’s Fantasy Football Picks for Week 9


Unlike Beanie Wells, the DeCon is gonna play hurt this week!!!  I have a nasty head cold or something I sense coming on, so I wanted to get something out to you before I need to try some meds.  Week 9 is here and whether you need to solidify your playoff position or scratch and claw for a spot (yeah, Brotherhood League, I’m coming and you better recognize) the DeCon has you covered up, down and sideways.  Hit me at with any questions right up until gametime of the early games. 

Six teams are on a bye and they include a lot of star power:  Broncos, 49ers, Jaguars, Titans, Rams and Redskins so be prepared!

Check out the rest of my picks after the jump…

Guys I like

  • LaDanian Tomlinson @ Detroit – I think LT heard this week how people think he is slowing down this season and I think he’ll unleash hell on the Lions.  Not to mention, Mark Sanchez can’t seem to get the passing game going.  Shonn Greene might even get in on the fun too.
  • Owen Daniels vs SD – Monitor Daniels status, but if he is a go, which I expect, he could be a great start this week.  SD gives up a lot of points to TEs and after last week, I think Matt Schaub is going to be looking to get Daniels more involved to open up the passing game with Andre Johnson.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis @ Cleveland – While I generally stay away from Pats players not named Brady, did you see The Law Firm run last week?!?!?  Impressive!!!  I just hope Belacheat saw it too and tries to exploit a run defense in the bottom half of the league.
  • Pierre Garcon @ Philadelphia – With Asante Samuel all over Reggie Wayne and the Eagles LBs trying to figure out if Jacob Tamme is the next Dallas Clark, I think Garcon will be the forgotten man by everyone except Peyton Manning.
  • IDP LEAGUE LOVEJulius Pepper @ Buffalo by way of Toronto – I usually stay away from IDPs, because I don’t run any leagues with them involved, but I think this is the week Julius Peppers earns his paper!!!

Guys I Don’t Like 

  • LeGarrette Blount @ Atlanta – Is anyone else sick of hearing how good Rahim Morris thinks the Bucs are?  I guarantee the Falcons are and after a bye week, I think they are gonna make sure the whole TB team knows they have been sick of it for 2 weeks.  I like Blount longer term, but not these week, gang.
  • Dwanye Bowe @ Oakland – Hard for me to say this, but Oakland could be for real!  Bowe could very easily be a guy I like if Nnamdi Asomugha doesn’t play, so watch out for his injury status on Sunday.  My bet is Asomugha plays at this point.
  • Dallas DST @ Green Bay – Uh, did you see what the Jags did to Dallas this week?  Well, Dallas, meet Aaron Rodgers and a real offense.
  • Calvin Johnson vs NY Jets – I know he is generally a must start, but after watching Revis Island and the Jets shut down the Packers offense, aside from Mason Crosby, last week, I am afraid, very afraid.  Don’t take too many other chances on your lineups if you are starting Megatron.
  • Marshawn Lynch vs NY Giants – If last week’s 7 rushing yards by The Beast wasn’t enough for you, this week he is playing without his starting QB as Matt Hasselbeck is concussed against the # 2 defense in the NFL who really like to hurt people…ask Jay Cutler.

As you can see, except for Pepp and a pain reference for JC, there are no Bears I would start this week against the 0-7 Buffalo Bills.  They need to show me something first…enough said…


The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done!!!