Last Call for Allstate Glory Days Tickets


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GLORY DAYS ‘Legends of the Chicago Bears’ brings together COACH MIKE DITKA, RICHARD DENT, WILLIE GAULT, JIM MCMAHON, DAN HAMPTON, GARY FENCIK and the 1985 CHICAGO BEARS SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their monumental win over the New England Patriots on January 26, 1986. For the first time in 25 years, Coach Ditka and the Chicago Bears Football Club are bringing together these NFL heroes for a ONE-TIME EXCLUSIVE REUNION OF PLAYERS AND FANS. The heroes who made NFL history in 1985 will share the memories every sports fan remembers and tell stories fans have never heard before.

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In case you haven’t noticed, I have a mild obsession with the 1985 Chicago Bears.  I’m not quite sure what it is about this team that has drawn me and many other football fans – notice I didn’t say just Bears fans – to this remarkable team.  Maybe it was my age, maybe the crazy cast of characters, maybe the fact they were the first championship team Chicago had in my lifetime. Whatever the reason, they have put a permanent stamp on me and my life.  They are the reason I’m such a rabid Bears fan and why I enjoy writing about the Bears as much as I do.

This Friday November 5th they’re getting the band back together to commemorate 25 years since that magical Super Bowl season.  Most of the living legends will be on hand including Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan re-uniting after being estranged for many years.  Believe it or not, a limited number of tickets is still available.  NBC 5 will be putting a special together to air in December, but if you know this team like I do, the best material won’t be suitable to air on TV.  Go out and get your tickets today.  If you’re a diehard superfan or a casual Bears fan, I guarantee this will be a night to remember.

Allstate set up these pop up “living rooms” for fans to talk about their favorite memories of the ’85 team.  Here’s a little sneak preview: