Handicapping NFL Week 9: Picks of the Week


Top 10 Things about Last Sunday:

10. The Bears didn’t play and I didn’t have to try to pick their game.  Most importantly, they didn’t lose.

9.  I realized that there is this strange time on Sunday between 12 and 3:00 p.m. where the sun is shining.

8. Okay, I’m kidding about #9 – I didn’t really go outside.  There were 2 football games on 12:00! That was awesome!

7. I got to teach my children about rooting for the team playing against the Packers and Vikings.

6. Okay, I’m kidding about #8 – I did go outside – I had to, it was Halloween.  But I’m thankful for new technology where I was able to “watch” the Pats take care of the Vikings while I was supervising Trick-or-Treating.

5. I’m really glad the Bears didn’t play – that Packer/Bear game on Monday night eons ago ruined me to watching Bears games on Halloween.

4.  I’m still alive in my $26,000 Survival Pool (152 pickets remaining out of about 1300) and still in 3rd place in my “betting pool.”  There’s alot of people falling around me while I’m maintaining and building.

3. We are one week closer to our Bears Trip to Miami!

2. The Bears distanced themselves farther from Minnesota without even playing.

1. The Oriole Park Falcons (my 10 year old son) have advanced in the playoffs with a stunning overtime victory 13-12.  Semi-Finals this week!

Quick Summary:  I knew the Rams would take care of the Panthers – the Panthers aren’t any good – especially without DeAngelo.  I’ll be picking against them…..again.  The Dallas loss at home to Jacksonville was a shock to me.  I know Dallas has beaten themselves with dumb penalties and some poor play-calling and they were also missing Romo, but man, have they fallen.  As I wrote last week, I’ll take Brady over gimpy Favre.  Minnesota is reeling again and I love it.  How could Childress have gotten rid of Moss without owner approval?  I love it.  They’re lucky they are playing Arizona this week.  My upset special didn’t come through and I should’ve stayed away from the Den/SF game due to the whole London variable, but I’m glad to see the 49ers starting to play a little.


Giants -7 @ Seattle – Big points for a team to cover that is travelling across country to play in  very loud stadium, but with Hasselbeck out and Seattle in big trouble on their left side of their O-line, the NYG are going to be licking their chops.  Despite the long flight, I’ll still take the Giants pounding Seattle.

New Orleans -6.5 @ Carolina – last time these two teams met, there were alot of angry and nervous people.  The Saints eeked it out by 2 at home.  Division games are usually alot closer than spreads indicate, and I’m banking that is why this one is under 7.  New Orleans simply is not playing the same, but their Defense will keep Carolina in single digits, especially without DeAngelo running the ball.  I’m banking that New Orleans puts up at least 17.

Baltimore-5 vs Dolphins – As I wrote earlier this year, I tend to stay away from -5 spreads, but I still like this one because Baltimore is at home.  Baltimore is coming off of a bye and I’m sure their Defense is going to be a little fired up to come out and show that the 34 points given up against the Bills was because they took a nap. 

Upset Special of the Week:

Lions +4.5 vs Jets – this should be an interesting game, a Lions game that I’d actually watch.  With Stafford back, this Lions team can put up points.  This game will be closer than most people think and there are going to be some disappointed bettors this week when the Jets don’t cover what seemingly looks like a gimme.


Bears -3 @ Buffalo – Don’t get me wrong, I’m not picking the Bears because they are playing a 0-7 team.  NFL teams are never gimmees, regardless of record.  I’m picking the Bears because they are going to run, they are coming off of a bye, and it is a neutral field.  The Bears are relatively healthy and are ready to use their “Us against them” mantra to help motivate them to beat a woeful team.

Last Week: 3 Picks:  2-1   Upset Special: 0-1   Bears Pick:  0-0

Season: 3 Picks: 12-10-2    Upset Special: 3-5   Bears Pick: 2-5