Bears Right Wrongs in Win over Bills


It wasn’t pretty, but the Bears pulled out a 22-19 victory over the Buffalo Bills up in Toronto.  In the process, they righted a few wrongs, broke a few bad streaks and kept a couple of promises along the way.

You wanted a more balanced offensive attack?  Mike Martz promised and the Bears offense delivered.   How about 31 rushing attempt to 30 passing attempts?  Is that balanced enough?  Never mind the Cutler rushed for 39 yards on 5 attempts and that the Bears averages a paltry 2.6 yards per attempt.

The Bears have been horrible on 3rd downs this year, but not against the Bills.  They converted nearly 60% of their third downs.  Will wonders never cease?

Thought the Bears would never score from the 1 yard line?  Guess again!  Chester Taylor took to his new role as the goal line back with a 1-yard plunge to break an 0-10 streak from the 1.  Nice job!

Want to know what other streak the Bears broke?  How about actually scoring in the third quarter?  The Bears hadn’t done it in their first 7 games, but against the Bills, they finally crossed that hurdle.

As a matter of fact, the Bears were actually (dare I say it?), good in the RED ZONE.  They converted on 3 of their 4 attempts and actually 3 for 3 on goal-to-go situations.  Who are these guys?

Jay Cutler was sacked just 1 time this game, which I think is a season low.  He also didn’t throw the ball away, but did fumble one away.  You can’t win em all.

It’s amazing what happens when the offense doesn’t give the ball away, convert third downs, score in the red zone and from the doorstep of the end zone.  It’s almost as if this team had 2 weeks to prepare for this game.  Oh wait…