Kristin Cavallari Makes a Scene over a $40 shirt


Jay Cutler needs to tighten the leash on girlfriend Kristin Cavallari.  I hate to turn this into the gossip pages, but my little sister was so excited when she saw this in a recent US Weekly magazine that she re-typed the article since it’s not even online yet and sent it to me.

Here’s the story that appears in the November 15th US Weekly:

"“Apparently not everyone was a fan of The Hills”According to US Magazine, When Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler entered the Guess store on Michigan Ave on October 26th, ‘she said to the manager, “I’m Kristin Cavallari. Any chance I can get anything for free?”  After the staffer explained that dispensing swag isn’t store policy and refused to comp her a t-shirt, the (former) MTV star- threw a “tantrum,” screaming, “You don’t know who I am? Are you serious?” and then stormed out of the store.Meanwhile Cutler, the Chicago Bears quarterback, looked mortified and apologized before dashing to his gal pal of 2 months. What piece of clothing got her so fired up? It was a $40 shirt!"

Glad to see Cutler had a productive bye week. Want to know the worst part?  Here’s the shirt:

Here’s my suggestion to Jay – give that little trixie some money so she can go shopping and get your ass back to Halas Hall to figure out Mike Martz’s offense!