The DeCon’s Fantasy Football Picks for Week 10


Week 10 and likely only 3 weeks until your playoffs start.  More importantly, this is the last week of bye weeks (Packers, Saints, Raider and Chargers this week) and the first week with Thursday night football!!!  Life is good!!!

Another thing that is getting close in all your leagues is the trade deadline.  Most leagues have a trade deadline on or around Week 10/11, so this could be your last chance to fleece someone in your league.  If you are in a position for the playoffs, you have to strongly consider the playoff matchups of your players (Weeks 14, 15 and 16 are what I will be comparing against, because no God fearing league should have its Fantasy Superbowl in Week 17), even your studs.  The key is you have to find a team that is lacking at a position you are loaded at.  That along with the playoff schedule factored in are the keys to making a trade that benefits you.  If you have an overabundance of one position, you may have to slightly overpay, but worry about making your team better for the playoffs than overpaying.  Follow me after the jump for some guys you should target and some guys you should consider trading away, along with my Week 10 picks…

Trade Targets

  • Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore – I realize to date, Ray Ray hasn’t been all that, but his playoff schedule is relative cake (Houston, New Orleans, Cleveland) and when it gets colder, they will lean on him more and more.  Find a Rice owner, who is getting itchy and you may be able to snag him.
  • Roddy White, WR, Atlanta – Another bonafide stud with a very favorable playoff stretch (Carolina, Seattle, New Orleans).  He will likely come at a steep price, but check out my trade fodder below for some ideas.
  • Dwayne Bowe, WR, KC – A poor man’s Roddy White and will likely come with a cheaper price tag, but he has been producing and his value will continue to rise as long as he is catching TDs.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville – A relative disappointment thusfar, but I predict a big second half from him with a favorable playoff schedule.  You might be able to get him on the cheap.  If you are a team loaded at WR, he might worth a sniff for the right package.
  • Kyle Orton, QB, Denver – Orton has been a stud in McDoofuss’ offense to date and his playoff run features Arizona, Houston and Oakland.  You could do a lot worse at QB.

Trade Fodder

  • Peyton Hillis, RB, Cleveland – Let me start by saying, in the immortal way Billy Dee did in Brian’s Song, “I love, Peyton Hillis…”  Hillis is a beast, there is no doubt about that.  But his playoff schedule is not great with 2 road games (ok, one against the Bills, but regardless) and then in what would be your Fantasy Superbowl, he gets to face Baltimore again, sho you know will be gunning for him after what he did to them earlier in the season.  Not to mention, he has to play against the Jets this week.  That said, now is the time to sell high!
  • Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit – With all the uncertainty around the QB situation in Detroit, keep an eye on this.  If Shaun Hill is back and can play, hang onto CJ.  If they have to turn this thing over to Drew Stanton, sell CJ as fast as you can.
  • LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, NY Jets – His value isn’t as high as it was a few weeks ago, but he still has street cred and with a playoff schedule featuring the Steelers and Bears, I think now would be a good time to dangle LT.
  • Miles Austin, WR, Dallas – Another player with street cred and he is putting up ok numbers with Kitna at QB, but I would recommend selling anything and everything Dallas related with the exception of Dez Bryant, who Kitna seems to favor.
  • Terrell Owens, WR, Cincy – All good things must end and when teams start paying attention to TO, I think his numbers will decline.  His stock will never be higher, so if you have a need at RB, TO might be able to finance a good one for you.

On to my abbreviated Week 10 picks, but remember, you can always get me at  My apologies if any mails were ignored this past weekend…a sick wife and sick kids make for a busy DeCon…

Guys I Like

  • LeGarrette Blount vs Carolina – The training wheels come off him this week and he rolls up a big day.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Detroit – The kid impressed me last week with his poise.  I think he lights up the Lions for the Bills first win of the season.
  • Eli Manning vs Dallas – Dallas has given up on the season and I expect Eli to GO OFF!!!
  • Maurice Jones-Drew vs Houston – I have him and I am playing him in two different leagues.  I expect MJD to have a big day, because Houston couldn’t stop my my son’s 1st/2nd grade flag football team.
  • MORTAL LOCK of the Week – Tampa Bay DST vs Carolina – Rookie QB who is terrible, young RB starting his first game, one of their franchise OT was put on IR…nothing smells good for the Panthers in this one.

Guys I Don’t Like

  • Peyton Hillis vs NY Jets – No one runs on the Jets…no one!!!
  • Knowshon Moreno vs KC – I don’t care what McDoofuss says about Moreno being healthy, I think Denver will try to attack the Chiefs through the air.
  • All your Cowboys, except maybe Dez Bryant @ NY Giants – Kitna is terrible and he will likely be watching this game from his back most of the night.
  • Matt Forte vs Minnesota – Martz knows the way to beat Minnesota is through the air, not on the ground and I expect the balance we saw last week go right out the window.  Plus, I expect Chester Taylor to see the field quite a bit against his former team.
  • Beanie Wells vs Seattle – I keep waiting for this marshmallow to grow a set and play like a man…until he proves me wrong, he’s dead to me.

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…