Handicapping NFL Week 10: Picks of the Week


Quick Summary of Last Week’s Picks:  How does 4-0-1 sound?  If you followed my advice, you had a very good week last week.  I’ll take New York Pounding Seattle (actual score: 41-7), New Orleans will hold Carolina to single digits (actual score: 34-3), Baltimore Defense will want to show that the Buffalo game was a fluke (actual points allowed: 10), and There are going to be a lot of disappointed betters when the Jets don’t cover (actual score: 23-20).  The Bears gave me a push and with my record with them, I’ll take it.  Time to get ready for another wild ride of trying to predict the crazy NFL.  On to week 10:


Buccaneers -7 vs Carolina – Carolina has been my team to beat up on.  This spread has moved from 6.5 to 7 which is typical of a home favorite. Typically more money moves that way during the week changing the spread by about Friday or Saturday.  Carolina’s offense is simply stagnant and Tampa will do enough to cover – likely about a 10-13 pt win.

Bills -1 vs Lions – that’s right, I’m calling it, the Bills first victory of the year.  They have played exceptionally tough against Baltimore, KC, and the Bears.  I’m not sure I would’ve made this call if Stafford was playing, but without him, I think the Lions continue to road woes.

Jets -3 @ Browns – Okay, here’s the logic here, folks.  The Browns have upset the Saints and the Patriots.  The Jets almost lost to the Lions and sputtered against Green Bay.  That’s why this line is sitting here.  Trust your gut, the Jets are 3 points better than the Browns (really 6 since it is in Cleveland).

Upset Special of the Week:

Rams +6 @ SanFran– I’ve been trying to be supportive of the 49ers all year, but I’m bailing on them in my Upset Special.  As far as I’m concerned, this game could go either way straight up, so I’ll take the 6.  They’re both coming off of byes, so no advantage either way.


Bears +1 vs Vikings – I’m very excited about this football game because I hate the Vikings, it means the next game is vs. Miami where I’ll be in attendance, and the Bears could send the Vikings into an even more massive tailspin.  There are cracks in the damn – I want to see the wall explode.  Come on Bears!  The Bears once again are going to use the “We’ve been disrespected” card because they’re dogs at home.  Whatever it takes!

Last Week: 3 Picks:  3-0   Upset Special: 1-0   Bears Pick:  0-0-1

Season: 3 Picks: 15-10-2    Upset Special: 4-5   Bears Pick: 2-5-1