Brett Favre Making Excuses for Poor Performance in Loss to Bears


After Sunday’s 27-13 loss to the Bears, Brett Favre was making excuses for a rough day at the office.  Old #4 revealed this little nugget to Ed Werder:

"ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Brett Favre says he has pain in his right shoulder. Favre said the pain might be related to the surgery he had to repair a partially-torn biceps tendon following the 2008 season with the Jets."

Check out this clip of Favre’s 53-yard TD pass to Percy Harvin and look closely starting around the 24 second mark.  Does this look like a guy with a bum shoulder?  No, I’m not talking about the throw.  I’m talking about the 41-year old idiot hopping around fist pumping like he’s on Jersey Shore and chest bumping everyone short of head coach Brad Childress.

I am so sick of this drama queen and his nonsense.  We can all only hope this is his last trip to Soldier Field.  Then again, the way he’s played here lately, I hope he keeps coming back.