That victory was phenomenal.  ..."/>

That victory was phenomenal.  ..."/>

Glorious Victory – Bear Dawn (11/15)


That victory was phenomenal.  Not only does it affirm some thoughts we had of this team (as a travelling band of gypsies that can’t figure how to do things consistently), but it was a victory for mankind.


I live in the Twin Cities.  Since I no longer have live access to Boers and Bernstein, I’ve settled to listening to the sports talk up here.  Granted, Patrick Reusse is a treat, but outside of that, we’re really struggling.  And let me tell ya, they yammer on about the Vikings and how everyone else isn’t as good as them.  Especially with the Bears game this week, I was treated to a lot of idiotic football thoughts.

But now it’s so sweet.  Brett Favre threw as many interceptions as Jay Cutler.  Their receivers, not ours, looked like garbage.  And our defensive line, not theirs, flexed their muscle.

Not only that, but I’ve had to listen to my coworkers spew nonsense since training camp (“God, I’m so glad we didn’t go after Cutler and got Favre instead” comes to mind).  Now, I’ve got a free lunch coming my way.  And when I had to get a new cell phone this afternoon, I wore my Bears gear with pride.  And potentially needled some Vikings fans wearing jerseys.  The kicker was watching the local news work themselves into a tizzy about how this loss ensures the Vikings can’t make the playoffs.

And before you ask, yes, I take joy in the little things in life.  Like watching Brett Favre standing sullen, knowing that his bimbo Jenn Sterger is going to blow his cover on his weird sexting habits.

The morale of the story: Drunk, fat, and stupid is no way to live a life.  I’m looking at you, Pat Williams.

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