Happy Thanksgiving Bears fans!  With our Chicago Bears in the midst of a surprising 7-3 season, there's a lot..."/> Happy Thanksgiving Bears fans!  With our Chicago Bears in the midst of a surprising 7-3 season, there's a lot..."/>

Happy Thanksgiving from Bear Goggles On


Happy Thanksgiving Bears fans!  With our Chicago Bears in the midst of a surprising 7-3 season, there’s a lot to be thankful for.  In the spirit of the holiday, I asked the Twitterverse and the BGO staff to go around and tell us what they’re thankful for as a Bears fan.  You know, like your parents made you do when you were about 9 years old.  So here’s what we’re thankful for:


"I’m thankful for a team that, through thick or thin, has the greatest fans that give you love wherever they see the jersey…"

Gavin Tugana

"“So many things I’m thankful for….I’m thankful for Brett Favre, Brad Childress, and the Vikings sucking out loud this year, allowing me to win numerous free lunches on Mondays. I’m thankful for Kristin Cavallari. I’ve never watched the Hills (and my girlfriend says K.C. is a supreme idiot), but JC6 has played better this year. I’m thankful that Tim Shaw’s no longer on the team. His antics after making a ST tackle were hilarious, but after a while it got old. But most of all, I’m glad that Mike Martz’s stupidity and stubbornness hasn’t put JC6 in a body bag. Yet.”"


"I am thankful that Mad Mike Martz has lived up to our expectations both good and bad. He has definitely created some ingenious formations and plays, and he tried too hard early to make Jay Cutler a 4000 yard passer. So, both good and bad which has made for interesting blog coverage! 🙂"


"I am thankful for a football team that gives me a reason to watch them every week. It’s been awhile since they have strung together consecutive good seasons, but every year they keep me coming back, week after week, all the way until the end of the season. This year is no different, I’m going to ride it to the top or go down with the ship. On that note, I am also thankful for Wild Turkey, which will be a necessity either way."


"I am thankful for my 16th consecutive Bears trip and while they have lost many more times than they won, the trips are always a highlight of my year…Bears, good times, friends and Bears…I am thankful that Jay Cutler is one of the toughest SOBs in the league…a lesser man would have been put on IR long ago.I am thankful that we have 2 of the best LBs in the league, in Urlacher and Briggs and they really make our defense go. The impact of having a healthy Urlacher this year has been immeasurable.I am thankful for having an outlet like BGO to entertain the greatest fans in the world. I don’t know what the rest of the season has in store, but I know we’ll be writing about it and loyal Bears fans will be reading it and pointing out where we’re wrong and, occasionally, right."


"I am thankful that I don’t have to watch 3 yard curls on 3rd and 7.I am thankful that I don’t hear, “Rex is our Quarterback.”I am thankful that it is no longer the preseason.I am thankful that the Dusty Dvoracek era is over.I am thankful that someone realized that Tommie Harris is not a perennial Pro Bowler.I am thankful that someone said, “Hey, let’s have that guy Devin Hester return kickoffs.”Lastly, I am thankful that the Vikings are imploding before our very eyes and their only solution is to hire an ex-Bear."


I am thankful that Ron Turner and his run, run, pass, punt offense are gone.  I’m even more thankful that John Shoop’s offense that was predicated on setting up the punt is looong gone.   I’ll be eternally thankful when the Three Stooges of Halas Hall get sent packing, but let’s get through this season first.  I am thankful that Devin Hester gets to do what he was put on God’s Green Earth to do and do better than anyone else who rolled around on this marble.  I am thankful that the Bears are relevant once again after many years in exile.  I am thankful for the ’85 Bears and thankful that I got to see greats like Walter Payton, Dan Hampton and Mike Singlerary play.  I am thankful for Da Coach and the cornucopia of products that he provides (tongue firmly planted in cheek).  I am thankful for Fantasy Football, which makes every game interesting but drives me crazy at the same time.

Last but not least, I wanted to break my own rules.  I strictly instructed the staff to keep this Bears related, but since I’m the boss around here, I can break my own rules.  I know this one applies to the entire staff – I am thankful for my family.  My beautiful wife and son put up with me disappearing for hours on end every week to bring this blog to you.  I am thankful to the best team of writers you could ask for to help put this thing together.   Most of all, I’m thankful for you, the readers.  From the regular commenters like Mr. Pickles, Doshi, Windy Cynic, Pred (and I know I’m missing a ton of others) to the casual passerby, you all make this site what it is.  It’s the different voices that come together on this site that make this worthwhile.

To cap it off, a couple of video clips from a couple of my favorite moves.  First up, this classic scene from My Blue Heaven.

And second my all time favorite Thanksgiving movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles with a little shout out to our Bears!

What are you thankful for Bears fans?  Hit it up in the comments!

Be Thankful and BEAR DOWN!!!