As I took a look back at the 2010 Chicago Bears season t..."/> As I took a look back at the 2010 Chicago Bears season t..."/>

Drivin’ Deez Nuts: Injury Reservations


As I took a look back at the 2010 Chicago Bears season to date, I found myself wondering, how did this rag tag group of players win seven games?  Then, as I read about the Eagles CB Ellis Hobbs being out for the season and CB Asante Samuel possibly out this week, it hit me.  The Bears have been unbelievably healthy all season and the familiarity they have had with each other has bred success.  That worries me the most.

The only significant injuries that the Bears have sustained were LB Hunter Hillenmeyer’s concussion, which landed him on the IR during the preseason, and a finger injury to untested, but talented rookie S Major Wright, who has missed five games.  Other than that, a guy or two have missed a game here or there, every once in awhile.  To put it simply, the football gods have been nice to the Bears this year.  To me, it just sounds a little too good to be true, don’t ya think?

In an NFL season that has been littered with helmet-to-helmet hits and season ending injuries galore, the Bears have escaped, nearly unscathed.  Maybe they just have a really good training staff.  Who knows.  So, now we play the waiting game and hope good fortune continues to shine down upon the Bears.  You look at teams like the Green Bay Packers who currently have 11 guys on IR (4 opening day starters) and you wonder how they have been able to weather the storm and win seven games.  Maybe this is just another special season for the Bears.

While the defense and special teams has pretty good depth, the cardiac offense is slim pickens.  Where would the Bears be if they lost a guy like Greg Olsen or Matt Forte?  Up the polluted Chicago River without not only a paddle but also sans boat.  However, if they can continue their good health, I really believe that the Bears are a playoff team, but they have little margin for error.  I would hate to see Grampa Todd be in charge of the offense for even one play if Jay Cutler gets mauled again like he did against the Giants.

The weather is getting colder and the fields are getting sloppier, especially Soldier Field.  You know the Bears luck so far this season is bound to run out at some point.  Let’s just hope that Mike Martz is clever and creative enough to make the most of what he has.  Until then, injuries will just be another thing to hold your breath about here at the peak of the Bears season against the talented (but injury-plagued) Eagles.  Or maybe it’s just better to not think about it and cheer the Bears on like crazy.  I don’t know.  Either way, it’s on this week against the Eagles!  And that’s what’s Drivin’ Deez Nuts this week.