Handicapping NFL Week 12: Picks of the Week


Quick Summary of 2 Weeks Ago: I’m sorry, I too was on the Bears trip down to Miami.  Rather than doing my picks of the week in the hotel lobby on free Wifi, I opted to watch the Illiniois-Northwestern Football game by the hotel pool bar during 1/2 price drinks.  Would you have done any different?  Well, my hot streak has continued to the tune of a 5-0.  Hello, people, 5-0 gambling against the spread is money in the bank!  Tampa over Carolina was easy to give 7.  I did get lucky on 2 picks – my Buffalo over Detroit and the Jets giving 3 and winning on a TD in overtime on the final play.  The Rams lost to the 49ers, but they were getting 6 and the Bears easily covered their +1 with a thrashing of the Viqueens.  I would love to take credit for another awesome week I had last week, but since I didn’t put it in the blog prior to the games, I won’t count my wins.  The Bears and the Under did wonders for me last week in a “friendly wager” with my uncle.  In my point pool, I also took Baltimore and Pittsburgh covering, which made it a 4-0 week for me.  Things are looking up, I wished that I lived in Vegas this year.  On to week 12:


Viking -1 vs Washington – This was going to be my upset special of the week because the game started as Washington -1.  This line has moved 2 points over the week which means that alot of money is going Minnesota’s way.  I’m not sure if it was the Brad Childress firing, a Vegas mistake, or everyone not believing that Minnesota can be this bad, but either way, I’m picking the Viqueens.  I feel pretty good about this one.

Oakland -1 vs Miami – I’m really trying to separate what I saw in person last week when picking this game.  Miami was terrible last week under Thigpen’s guidance or whoever the hell was calling that game for the FINS.  Henne may be playing Sunday, but to me it doesn’t matter.  I’ve been on the Raider “bandwagon” all year.  Despite Miami’s extra days of rest, travelling across country to play in Oakland doesn’t bod well for this team that is falling apart.  Oakland has a respectable Defense and will do enough to win this game by 3-7 points.

Chiefs -2.5 vs Seattle – A loud stadium can only be loud when it has something to be loud about.  You can only make so much noise when your team is being dismantled.  Cassel is starting to play very well and let’s not forget that KC has a solid running game to complement that.  Seattle’s terrible pass defense is going to have another rough outing.  Just ask yourself – are the Chiefs going to win this game?  If you believe they are – then give the 2.5.  I’m always weary of the 6.5 and 2.5 point games, because they’re Vegas baiting you to say, “Take it, it’s less than a field goal.”  Didn’t stop New England from covering their 6.5 the other day, did it?

Upset Special of the Week:

Chargers +2.5 @ Colts – Here is another line that has dropped over the week from 3 to 2.5.  I think bettors across the country are with me on this one.  Despite it being in Indy, this is the time that San Diego starts to turn it on.  Indy is banged up and haven’t been clicking like the Colts we know.  Indy’s Defense is going to be on the field alot tomorrow as the Bolts don’t give Manning a chance to beat ’em.


Eagles -3 vs Bears – I hate to do it, but not feeling great about this one.  I would love to see the Bears step up and shut down all of the doubters, but I think that they’re going to have a tough time shutting down Maclin and Jackson tomorrow.  I also anticipate screens to McCoy and random Vick scrambles keeping drives alive and the Bears Defense on the field.  The Bears Defense is best when the Bears offense is on the field alot and they’re rested.  I see this being a bit of a shootout with the Bears on the wrong end of the score unfortunately.  I’ll gladly take a loss in this prediction.

2 Weeks ago Week: 3 Picks:  3-0   Upset Special: 1-0   Bears Pick:  1-0

Season: 3 Picks: 18-10-2    Upset Special: 5-5   Bears Pick: 3-5-1