Tonight's Monday Night Football game between the Tonight's Monday Night Football game between the

Advanced Scouting: Pats vs Jets Offers Bears Preview of Upcoming Opponents


Tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots will give the Bears and even us regular fans a chance to see two of the Bears’ final four opponents in a marquee matchup.

Tom Brady and his New England Patriots will head to Soldier Field for a 3:15 matchup this coming Sunday and Rex Ryan’s Jets head to Soldier Field to help clear the leftovers on December 26th.  Is there any real rooting interest that Bears fans should have tonight?  I will be rooting for the Patriots.

I heard a stat on the radio this morning that the Pats are 26-1 following a loss.  No reason to fight that trend, right?  With the way the breaks have gone for the Bears this season, both Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez get banged up enough so neither will be fit to face the Bears in their coming games.