Cutler Gets Last Laugh as Broncos Fire McDaniels


Bears fans can thank Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels for where the Bears are today.  Go ahead and thank him personally.  He’s not busy right now.  Why?  Because the Denver Broncos fired the embattled head coach less than two years after his arrival in the mile high city.

Somewhere, I’m sure Jay Cutler is smiling.  They say that living well is the best revenge.  After finally settling down in Mike Martz’s offensive system, the Bears sit atop the NFC North with a 9-3 record largely thanks to Cutler’s impressive play of late while the Broncos have bumbled their way to a 3-9 record that led to McDaniels getting shown the door.

McDaniels arrived with a bang but left with a whimper and may have single-handedly destroyed a football team in the process.  He made waves immediately on his arrival, where he tried to trade for Matt Cassel.  When then Broncos QB Jay Cutler caught wind of that, he demanded a trade, setting off a firestorm among Broncos fans and ultimately landing in Chicago.

After an 6-0 start last season, the Broncos have been in full nosedive mode.  They closed 2009 2-8 and missed the postseason.  They went on to trade Brandon Marshall and Peyton Hillis to completely dismantle a young backfield that would make any GM drool.   Not bad for a year and a half, huh?

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