The DeCon’s Week 14 Fantasy Football Picks – PLAYOFF EDITION


The playoffs are finally here!!!  If you are in them, congrats…if not, you should read my posts more often…the regular season is all well and good, but NOW the fun really starts.  You can start to smell those league prizes (in whatever form they take), but you have to win a few games first.  That is where I come in and hopefully my advice can pay off for you.  My one golden rule, especially in the playoffs is don’t out think yourself.  You made the playoffs because you have made good decisions all season long, so don’t change your approach now.  It is one thing to lose in the regular season because you overanalyzed something, but it is completely another thing to lose in the playoffs because there is no next week.  The other thing I would say is to play your studs regardless of matchup (CJ2K, AP, Foster, Calvin and Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Rivers, Rodgers and even Peyton).  This is the time they need to come up big for you.  My picks are going to focus more on the next tier of players where the decisions can get trickier.  Check out my picks after the jump…

Guys I Like

  • Chris Ivory vs St. Louis – I don’t care what you hear about Pierre Thomas being back this week.  Ivory has proved to be able to run the rock and the Saints are winning, so I don’t see Sean Payton changing up his rotation too much, especially this week.
  • Fred Jackson vs Cleveland – Looks to be a sloppy track for the game this weekend, which could mean a lot less passing and a lot more Fred Jackson.
  • Knowshon Moreno @ Arizona – McDoofus is gone and the RB Coach is the interim HC???  I think running will be the first order of business.  Plus, I think Denver will go up early on a BAD AZ team and run a lot to ice the game.
  • Josh Freeman @ Washington – This kid has poise and all the tools to be a solid NFL QB and with Mike Williams as his go to guy, I think Freeman will put a hurting on a weak Washington D minus Fat Albert.  Chances are if you are in the playoffs, you have a more steady QB, but compared to a Matt Cassel (who may be out due to an appendectomy), Eli Manning or Carson Palmer, I like Freeman more this week.
  • Vernon Davis vs Seattle – Ole Vern finally woke up last week after a little slumber, but don’t you sleep on him this week.  Alex Smith is back and, for what it’s worth, Davis’ numbers have been solid with Smith at the helm.  I would recommend him over some WRs this week versus a terrible Seattle defense.

Guys I Don’t Like

  • Cedric Benson @ Pittsburgh – # 1 Rushing D vs a hapless rushing attack?  Don’t be fooled by Benson’s 2 TDs last week.  In his last 2 trips to Pittsburgh, Benson has mustered 61 TOTAL yards and NO TDs…
  • Larry Fitzgerald vs Denver – As juicy as this matchup looks, remember, the Cards are starting their 3rd QB who is a rookie.  Things have gone from bad to worse for Fitz this year.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis @ Bears – The Bears dominance versus the run may well force the Pats into passing mode versus the Bears Cover-2.  If they try to run, I do not anticipate much success for BJGE.
  • Jamaal Charles @ San Diego – With Matt Cassel likely out for this game and the Charger D with something to prove after last week, I think they stack the box on Charles and unless he busts a long one, he won’t do much for you this week.  I don’t like to play boom or bust in the playoffs, so if you have another option, leave Charles on the bench.
  • Matt Schaub vs Baltimore – Schaub has never played against the Balt D and he is not nearly as tough a Big Ben who took a pounding at the hands of the Balt D last week.  Add to that the fact that Baltimore needs to avenge their loss from last week and I don’t see too much good for Schaub and co. this week.

Hit me on if you need any fantasy advice this weekend!

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