Vikings QB Jackson Placed on IR, Farve to Start?


As if there couldn’t be more confusion surrounding the Chicago Bears-Minnesota Vikings game on Monday night, another uncertainty has arisen.  Vikings backup QB Tavaris Jackson has been placed on IR after suffering turf toe last Sunday when their game was moved to Ford Field in Detroit.  I guess that’s better than having the Metrodome roof fall on you.  With Brett Favre nursing a sore shoulder and hand, and probably some arthritis, the Vikings are running out of options.

The Vikings were forced to sign veteran QB Patrick Ramsey since the only other QB on their roster is rookie QB Joe Webb who was recently converted from a WR.  Webb has only thrown five passes in his NFL career.  Brett Favre hasn’t been ruled out of the game and, honestly, he is looking like their best bet, hurt or not.  Ramsey doesn’t know the offense yet and hasn’t even played an NFL game since 2008.  Any way you look at it, the Bears have caught another break.

I think the Vikings have no option but to start Favre.  They aren’t saving him for next year and you know that Favre will be up for a game against the Bears.  However, if the game ends up being outdoors in freezing temperatures, Farve will probably be less likely to want to get out there.  I’m sure in his own mind, he’s comtemplating a retirement and unretirement in the offseason, so you never know what he will do.  I say, bring on Farve and let the Bears finish him off once and for all, while also clinching a playoff berth.  We shall see.