Drivin’ Deez Nuts: They All Be Hatin’


Since when did the whole world start hating the Bears?  I know the Packers and Vikings hate the Bears, that’s a given.  But every week the Bears win, it seems like more people want us to lose.  Every article about the Bears these days is someone either ripping on them or making excuses as to why they are winning games.  I understand that the Bears have had a lot of things go their way, but what good teams don’t catch some breaks?  The 13-3 Super Bowl champion Saints played the four worst teams in the NFC (St. Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Washington) last season but no one mentions that.  It’s pretty funny that everyone chose the Bears to hate this year.  Let’s take a look at a few things that people have been hatin’ on.

The Bears are a good team and I think that that mass hatred started once Jay Cutler came to town. This guy just seems to rub people the wrong way and it seems like all his haters have spread their dislike to the whole Bears team.  Or maybe it’s because of the Bears defense, which has been consistently good for a long time.  I know for a fact that opposing teams hated to see Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton win a game because of the Bears defense.  And I’m sure they can’t stand to see Cutler win.  Or what about Devin Hester doing his thing again this year.  We saw how much anger came out of Dennis Green a few years back because of Mr. Ridiculous.  I’m just not sure, but fans and media around the world just don’t want to see the 2010 Bears succeed.

So we lost to the Patriots…okay, maybe lost isn’t the right word…we got plowed by the Patriots.  The Bears are 5-1 in their last six games and the Patriots are 5-1 in their last six games and a win is a win no matter how many points you score.  The Browns had a good week and beat the Patriots, so you never know what can happen on a given day.  The playoffs are one game at a time and we have seen mediocre looking teams like the Cardinals in 2008 play well enough when it counted to get to the Super Bowl.

So, I guess haters will hate no matter what, but the only thing that matters is getting to the big dance at the end of the year.  The Bears will keep taking it one week at a time and hopefully fix the mistakes they made last week.  I’m not going to apologize for catching breaks like a referee enforcing a legitimate (yet absurd) official rule against the Lions because we’ve had our share of seasons where nothing went our way.  Championship seasons always seem to have some greater forces working in your favor and this year feels like their is something special in the air.  Bring on the hate, the Bears aren’t cheating like some teams (Jets), they’re just winning games.  That’s good enough for me.

And that’s what’s Drivin’ Deez Nuts this week!

If you are one of the haters, feel free to tell me what you hate the most about the Bears.