Handicapping NFL Week 15: Picks of the Week


Quick Summary of Last Week: Last week was overall, my first sub-500 week in awhile.  That’s the Bears fault, as it has been most of the year.  To be honest, I was kind of happy at the way my top three picks played out.  In my TOP 3, I was 2-1 and the one team that lost was the Packers.  I’ll take those numbers weekly.  I would’ve really been upset if the Packers scored on their final drive to win the game and not cover, but fortunately the Flynner couldn’t put it out.  He won’t this week either.  I felt really good about the continued mess that is the Minnesota Viqueens.  I knew that NY would take care of them, despite Eli’s throws to the queens.  Carolina is always a good pick to lose, although who knows this week when they square up against another atrocious team.  My upset special last week, the Seahawks, didn’t work out to well – what did they lose by?  Thankfully, that game didn’t come on near a television, so I didn’t have to watch the debacle. Oh well, on to week 15:


(I wish I would’ve finished this post on Thursday because I was all over the Chargers pounding the 49ers.  In my point pool, I wagered 5,000 of my 28,000 on the Chargers to open up my lead a little before Sunday.  But again, it wasn’t on the blog, so I won’t count it.)

Patriots (-13.5) vs. Packers – I’ve been waiting all week for this line to come out, but obviously, it wouldn’t come out until Rodgers was officially declared out (which he has been).  I’m not just bitter banking on the fact that NE is going to do the same thing they did last week.  The Packers are obviously at a huge disadvantage with Flynn at the helm.  If they couldn’t put up a TD against Detroit, what are they going to do against the Pats?  This one should make Bear fans feel a little better.

Texans +1 vs Tennessee – That’s right, I don’t feel comfortable with anymore favorites other than the Beloved.  I’m liking a lot of Upsets this week and alot of dogs covering.  I like Houston straight-up taking care of Tennessee.  Houston has had a lot of “tough luck” losses this year and I think that they’re going to take it out on the crumbling Titans.

Lions +5 vs Tampa – I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of Tampa and Detroit has gotten over the hump of winning a big game.  This one will be close.  Detroit may not win it, but if they lose, it’ll be by 3-4 points.

Upset Special of the Week:

Buffalo +5 over Miami – Buffalo eeked it out vs Cleveland last week, which suprised me a little because I thought they were going to struggle against Cleveland’s ground game.  I figured they wouldn’t score a lot of points.  However, in the nicer weather, Buffalo’s unknown offense is going to open it up again and put Miami at 1-6 at home for the year.


Bears -3 @ Minnesota – Most places have yet to set a line.  However, for some reason in my point pool, the Bears have been set at -3.  I’m jumping all over that.  I mean, does Vegas think that because the field isn’t good, the Bears are going to struggle like they did last week?  Is it because Minnesota is having a party?  I don’t get this one.  Bears are going launch another cannon ball into the sinking ship and get their Division hats a little earlier than expected.

Last Week: 3 Picks: 2-1 Upset Special: 0-1 Bears Pick: 0-1

Season: 3 Picks: 25-12-2 Upset Special: 7-6 Bears Pick: 3-8-1