Favre Upgraded to Questionable vs Bears


Brett Favre is considering starting up a new streak tonight.  After his consecutive regular season games streak was snapped last week, it looks like Grandpa would like to give it a go against the Bears on Monday night.  Reports out of Minneapolis indicate that Favre made some sort of miraculous recovery in the last 24 hours.   Check out what ESPN NFC North’s blogger Kevin Seifert wrote on the subject:

"In a carefully orchestrated series of events, the Vikings notified several media outlets that Favre had been upgraded. In a statement posted at about the same time on the team website, athletic trainer Eric Sugarman made this claim: “Brett Favre attempted to throw the football two days ago and was unable to, due to pain in the SC joint and residual numbness from a brachial plexus injury. He declared himself out at that time. He woke up this morning feeling much improved. His symptoms and function have improved dramatically over the past 24 hours. In fairness to him and his team, he would like to be given the opportunity to play tonight if physically able.”"

This seems really shady if you ask me.  How do you skip from Out right past Doubtful to Questionable?  Maybe after Favre saw what Tom Brady was able to do against the Bears defense in the snow last Sunday, he just has to give it a go.  It doesn’t hurt that the game is on national TV with the bobble heads from ESPN would love to send him off with one more farewell.

Here’s to hoping Julius Peppers helps Chris Kluwe’s Twitter prediction of a ‘catastrophic injury’ come true for old #4.