Devin Hester Runs to NFL Record Books with Most Return TD’s (Video)


Chicago Bears radio play by play man Jeff Joniak originally nicknamed Devin Hester the Windy City Flyer.  That was in his rookie year, when Hester took the NFL by storm and changed the return game as we know it, nearly single-handedly carrying the Bears to the Super Bowl.  Now he’s known simply as ridiculous. Just four years later, Hester stands alone as the all time punt and kickoff returner, passing Brian Mitchell with a 64-yard punt return for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings to set the record for return touchdowns with 14.

Check out the summary of Devin Hester’s returns, including all 14 record setting returns and two bonus returns – a 108 yard missed FG return and the Super Bowl XLI opening kick return, which don’t count towards Hester’s run into the record books.

Here are the highlights of his first two years, where he racked up 11 official and 2 unofficial returns:

9/10/06 @ Green Bay Packers – 84 yard punt return in debut

10/16/06 @Arizona Cardinals (MNF) – 83 yard punt return

11/12/06 @New York Giants – 108 yard missed FG return*

12/3/06 vs Minnesota Vikings – 45 yard punt return

12/11/06 (MNF) @ St Louis Rams – 94 yard kickoff return

12/11/06 (MNF) @ St Louis Rams – 96 yard kickoff return

2/4/07 (Super Bowl) vs Indianapolis Colts – 92 yard kickoff return*

*Returns that don’t count toward the record

9/16/07 vs Kansas City Chiefs – 73 yard punt return

9/30/07 @ Detroit Lions- 97 yard kickoff return

10/14/07 vs Minnesota Vikings – 89 yard punt return

11/25/07 vs Denver Broncos – 75 yardd punt return

11/25/07 vs Denver Broncos – 88 yard kickoff return

12/30/07 vs New Orleans Saints – 64 yard punt return

9/27/10 vs Green Bay Packers (MNF) – 62 yard punt return

10/17/10 vs Seattle  Seahawks – 89 yard punt return

12/20/10 @ Minnesota Vikings (TCF Bank Stadium on MNF) – 64 yard punt return

Next stop, Canton!

Congrats Devin!  You truly are ridiculous!!!