The DeCon’s Fantasy Football Picks – CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION


Well kids, this is a great time and a sad time.  Great because I am sure, like me, you are playing for some cash this week.  Sad in that after this week, the fantasy season will be over and I can go back to focusing on other blogging interests here at BGO for your entertainment.  I have had a blast and I appreciate all of the emails and tweets during the season.  I look forward to jumping back on the fantasy train again with you next season.  Remember, you can hit me at or follow me on Twitter @DeCon76 if you have any questions about this weekend.  My picks won’t be some of the no brainers as I discussed last week, but more focused on some other decisions that might be giving you fits.  On to my picks on the other side of the jump… 

Guys I Like

  • John Kitna @ Arizona – Jerry Jones thought Tony Romo might be back for this game, but he won’t.  No problem, Kitna can dink and dunk up and down the field all day on the weak AZ D.  Jason Witten will likely come up big too.
  • Brian Westbrook @ St Louis – the 49ers need this game big time if they want a chance to win the NFC Worst West.  With Anthony Dixon a little nicked up and their passing game in disarray, I think they will lean on Westie a lot.
  • Ryan Torain @ Jacksonville – Torain is running hard again and was Rex Grossman’s security blanket last week in Dallas.  I expect more of the same and think Torain is a real safe bet this week.
  • Vincent Jackson @ Cincy – I don’t care if Malcom Floyd is back or not.  You don’t sit a guy who had a 3 TD performance the week before, especially against Cincy.
  • Kenny Britt @ KC – I loved Britt last week and I love him even more this week.  Kerry Collins is happy going to him as often as possible and Britt will deliver.
  • SLEEPER ALERT – Tim Tebow vs Houston – Tebow will be the only player on the field in this game who REALLY has something to prove.  Both teams are out of the playoff picture and Tebow wants to prove he is the Messiah.  If you are stuck at QB, I think you could do worse than Tebow against the swiss cheese Houston D.

Guys I Don’t Like

  • Jonathan Stewart @ Pittsburgh – He was the “start of the week” last week by most.  I liked him for sure.  He was decent, but don’t roll him out there this week against a pissed off Pitt D looking to rebound from a loss last week.
  • Eli Manning @ Green Bay – 18 degrees and snow in Cheddarland this weekend.  I know Eli is trying to be a leader, but I don’t think this game bodes well for him at all.  I expect a lot of running by the Giants to keep Aaron Rodgers off the field (assuming he is a go, which I can’t imagine he won’t be giving the importance of this game).
  • Cedric Benson vs San Diego – Nice game last week from Ced, but not this week against one of the best defenses in the league.
  • Reggie Wayne @ Oakland – This is an incredibly tough sit anytime, but against Nnamdi Asomugha, I think Wayne will disappoint you, although I think that bodes well for Pierre Garcon and Jacob Tamme owners.
  • Mark Sanchez @ Bears – I think the Bears D gained a little swagger last night after finally ending Gramps…the Sanchize will be closed in Chicago.
  • BUST ALERT – Peyton Hillis vs Baltimore – Hillis got the best of Baltimore earlier this season, but I am sure Ray Lewis and the boys can’t wait for a second shot at the BEAST.  You probably have to roll with him, but temper your enthusiasm a bit.

Best of luck and have a safe and happy holiday season!!!

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