Handicapping NFL Week 17: Picks of the FINAL REGULAR WEEK


Quick Summary of Last Week:  I’ll tell ya what when I seen this post I thought you were F-ing nuts but hey man I give you huge props for that Viqueens pick and you probably saved me money cause i laid off the eagles after i seen this . Thanks.  Well, that about sums it up.  After 16 weeks of no comments to any of my posts, I get 1 and it made me happy to know that I may have earned someone an extra Christmas Gift this year.  Another 4-1 week, another addition to my top 3 winning percentage – which now sits in the 650 range (28-15 and 2 ties – not included).   Well, we’ll talk about the end of the year later, I’ll just sum up last week.  Houston continues to frustrate.  This time instead of falling behind and coming back, they jump out to a 17 point lead and blow it.  Their season has been mind-boggling.  Tampa has continued to do well, despite my unappreciation for them and I knew that Washington would at least cover w/o MJD going.  They flat out won, which is always nice.  Minnesota was my big upset call of the week.  I didn’t predict a win – just the cover, but the win helped catapult me to the final 4 in a survival pool of 1300 people.  Lastly, I was able to watch in person as our Beloved had a crazy back and forth game with the J-E-T-S and covered nicely.  The Jets scored a heck of alot of more points that I thought they would, but a cover is a cover. Oh well, on to the final regular season week:


Giants -3.5 @ Washington – time for Jekyll Giants to reappear.  I don’t know which team is more frustrating to predict the Giants or San Diego.  That’s why this week I’m going with both.  The Giants bounce back after 2 embarrassing back to back losses to close out the season and maybe continue it.

Chargers -3.5 vs Broncos – There are so many hard games to pick this week either because they are playing for “nothing” or people are hurt or resting their starters.  Although this is a “meaningless” game, Tebow is going to learn that this is not the Houston Defense.  San Diego is going to light up Denver’s Defense and will easily cover 3.5 points.

Steelers -5.5 vs Browns – I’m a little worried about this one because it is not a no-brainer.  But with the Browns upset of the Steelers last year, and everyone seeing what is happening around the league with upsets, the Steelers aren’t going to take this lightly.  There is a big difference between AFC North Championship and a wildcard.  Tomlin will have this Steeler team ready and my guess is that Polamalu will play.  That man has saved my hide several times this year.

Upset Special of the Week:

Miami +4.5 vs New England – I am not as confident on this one as I was the Vikings last week, but something just tells me that this is a Trap Game.  I don’t have alot of information on what New England is going to do regarding their starters, but something just tells me that hundreds of people are simply going to pick New England because they are so good and they’re only going to win by like a field goal.  More of a gut call than anything, because my biggest upset special is:


Bears +10 @ GreenBay – Really?  I mean really?  I know that Green Bay looked good last week and they have more to play for than the Bears and it is at Lambeau, but really?  Even if Green Bay beats the Bears by more than 10, I’m not going to be shocked or really care to be honest with you (ok I’ll care, but you know what I mean).  However, I would like to see the Bears finish positively and knock them out of the playoffs – that would be awesome – especially because Green Bay was supposed to go the Superbowl this year.  I’ll take 10 points though.

Last Week: 3 Picks: 2-1   Upset Special: 1-0 Bears Pick: 1-0

Season: 3 Picks: 28-15-2 Upset Special: 9-6 Bears Pick: 5-8-1