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Bears Get Re-Match with Seahawks


My dream scenario is coming true.  With the Seahawks pulling off one of the biggest upsets in recent playoff memory by sending the defending champion Saints to the showers early and the Packers sending Michael Vick and the Eagles back to the doghouse, the road to Dallas is becoming much simpler for the Bears.  Two of the most explosive offenses in the NFC will be watching the rest of the postseason from the comfort of their couches. 

The Divisional Round will be a weekend of re-matches for all four games.  For the Bears, they’ll be trying to avenge a Week 6 loss to the Seahawks.  You can read my instant analysis after the loss here, but I couldn’t resist sharing my post-game bullet points.  (I have to admit, I love block quoting myself):

"The offensive line is simply offensive.  Fire all of them.  Go out to the nearest all-you-can-eat and find five fat guys off the street.  They couldn’t do much worse.The play calling is ridiculous.  The Bears did so well running the ball last week, so you know how many times they ran the ball today?  Twelve times  not counting two Jay Cutler scrambles.  I’m sure our Observations of a Mad Scientist will touch on this more,  but man this is getting ridiculous especially when you consider the onslaught this quarterback is facing.Greg Olsen is as useless as tits on a bull.  If the ball isn’t placed exactly between the 8 and the 2 on the front of his jersey, he ain’t catching it.  BUST!!!!Devin Hester is simply RIDICULOUS.  Another punt return for a TD, to officially tie the NFL record.Earl Bennett may not come up big on the stats sheet, (3 catches for 55 yards) but did you see him completely annihilate the Seahawks punter on the Devin Hester punt return?  I don’t care if it’s the punter; that was an instant classic!Is it just me, or did Jay Cutler seem completely disinterested in this game?  Not sure if it’s post-concussion or just frustration from getting the crap knocked out of him all day.  From his Marty McFly getup in the post-game presser to his surly attitude, it was a poor showing from JLast week, we saw the best of Lovie’s Cover-Who defense in getting takeaways, bending but not breaking, getting pressure.  This week, the exact opposite.  No sacks, no pressure, no takeaways = no win!Tommie Harris shows up to recover a fumble right after a false start is called.  So typical.Question of the day – who annoys you more, Fox announced Brian Billick or Pete Carroll?  I’ll hang up and listen for my answer.If the loss isn’t frustrating enough, the Packers lost to the Dolphins.  The Bears could be running away with this division with a win."

That’s good stuff, if I do say so myself.  Can you tell I was down on the team after this loss?

We’ll have plenty more analysis this week, so stay tuned to Bear Goggles On for all of your Bears playoff news!