Seahawks Upset Saints, Bears Should Be Rooting for Packers


As Confucius said, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.   That first step toward Dallas and Super Bowl XLV took place on Saturday.  While the Bears were cozied up at home, Wild Card Saturday got the 2011 playoffs underway with a bang.  The worst-ever-in-the-playoff 7-9 Seattle Seahawks pulled a major upset, knocking off the defending world champion New Orleans Saints 41-36 to punch their ticket to the Divisional Round of the playoffs.  Check out the highlights here.

Earlier in the week, I took a stab at what I thought was the ideal path for the Bears to get to Dallas.  Step 1 has been completed with the Seahawks’ upset win.  Now the hard part.  I mean the really, really hard part for Bears fans.  We should be rooting for the Packers to beat the Eagles on Sunday.

Those may have been the hardest words I’ve ever had to type, but it could all be worth it.  If the Packers can pull off the win in Philly, the Seahawks come to Soldier Field.   Even though the Bears lost to Seattle earlier this year, they scare me a hell of a lot less than the Eagles.

For one thing, he Seahawks don’t get to bring their 12th man on the road and they’re not the same away from Qwest.  Second, I like the Bears in a revenge game.  Lovie will have the troops revved up to avenge a tough early-season loss.  Third, the Wild Card win at home was the Seahawks’ Super Bowl.  They proved their point, overcoming a double digit point spread and the jeers of the football world as the “worst playoff team ever” to pull the upset.

Enjoy the matchup on Sunday.

Go Pack but most importantly…