Bears Offensive Inexperience Scares Me


I’ve been going through the scenarios in my head, over and over again: what could the Bears possibly do to lose this Sunday’s game against the Seahawks?   If the Bears play their game, there’s no way they lose.  But as we all know, there have been plenty of times when the Bears didn’t play their game this season, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  Look no further than the first matchup this season – a 23-20 loss to Seattle.

The Bears have had their growing pains while learning Mike Martz’s complicated offense, but what makes it more challenging is that they have virtually zero playoff experience.  I made a special point to talk about Jay Cutler’s inexperience as The Playoff Virgin, but he’s far from alone.  Let’s look at their offensive starters and see how much playoff experience they have: 

Jay Cutler – 0 games

Matt Forte – o games

Johnny Knox – 0 games

Devin Hester – 3 games (0 as a wide receiver)

Greg Olsen – 0 games

Frank Omiyale – 1 game (0 starts)

Chris Williams – 0 games

Olin Kreutz – 5 games

Roberto Garza – 9 games (7 starts)

J’Marcus Webb – 0 games

It will be up to Mike Martz, Mike Tice and the offensive staff to calm these guys down, control the tempo and keep it simple.  If the Bears somehow manage to blow this game on Sunday, it’s very likely because the offense hasn’t held up their end of the deal.  It’s only Monday and I’ve already got a knot in my stomach.