Fwd: Bears/Seahawks Playoff Game


Dear Mike Martz,

How are u?  I haven’t seen ya in a week or so.  I hope u have been working hard on this week’s game plan for the Hawks.  All ur Bears are healthy so u have all ur weapons at ur disposal.  In case you forgot (lol), your game plan against the Seahawks in week 6 was an epic FAIL.  I think you can view the game at failblog.com, JK. :-]

Anyway, we don’t want to see that SOS this week.  0-12 on third down?  Only 8 rushes for Matt Forte?  14 total rushes and 39 pass attempts?  WTF!?!?  My teenage sister could have called a better game while driving and texting on her cell phone.  (rotfl) It’s going 2b bad weather and we need to run the ball.  Forte has mad skillz and the o-line has been playing well lately.  Get him the ball or I’m going the tweet like a mofo for the Bears to ban you from playcalling. ;-P

The Hawks gave up over 25 points per game in the regular season and 36 to the Saints last week.  Also, the Saints ran the ball 22 times and passed it 60 times in their loss.  4RL? I updated my facebook status more times during the game than the Saints rushed.  Does anyone realize that that formula doesn’t work?!? Did I mention that Forte is going to be the key to a Bears victory this week?

Cutler should be able to tear up the DBs if they aren’t sacking him.  Lawyer Milloy likes to blitz, get someone to block him!  Yes, I know that game was so 2K10 but they beat us once and they can do it again.  U gotta run the ball, take what the D gives you and make adjustments.  Simple.

Well, I would h8 to keep u away from tweeking your game plan, you only have five days left!  In case I didn’t get my point across, Forte needs to run the ball early and often, duh.  It’s do or die.  The Hawks stink and the Bears hopes are in ur hands.  G2G. GL. HAGD. TTYL. SBSB.  @)–>—

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