Bears v Packers NFC Championship – Biggest Bears Game of ALL TIME!


Hey gang, we are embarking on a week of pregame hype that will dwarf all others.  The Packers will come to town to face the Beloved in the the 2010 NFC Championship Game on Sunday.  Personally, I am heading out of the country, so I will get to miss most of the Packer backing by the pundits at ESPN, Peter “Eddie Mush” King and other “experts” and I can’t say I am upset about it.

The Bears are in a position to legitimize their entire season and I would submit to the class that the game this week is the biggest Bears game of ALL TIME and that includes that glorious day in January in the year 1986 when the Bears shuffled their way to the Lombardi Trophy.  Call me crazy if you want, but check out my rationale after the jump…

Two times a season, we celebrate Packer week, the week the Bears and the foe from up north meet…once in Chicago and once in Green Bay.  This year, for the first time since December 1941, a mere 69 years ago, that we will be celebrating a third Packer week in a season, in the playoffs no less.  The Bears were victorious in that last playoff game and I know we all hope that history repeats itself.  So why is this the biggest Bears game of ALL TIME?

  • It’s the Packers – whenever we play the Packers, it is huge for the city for bragging rights, respect, etc.  They are our bitter rival and losing to them hurts more than any other loss.  For the rest of time or possibly another 69 years anyway, Packer fans would always wave this game in our faces and they would have every right to do so and that wound would be ripped open each time.
  • Superbowl or Bust – nobody expected us to be in this position, hell many of us on this blog didn’t expect the Bears to finish better than .500 (except yours truly).  Getting to the Superbowl by beating the media darling Packers would cause the “experts” out there to eat a whole lot of humble pie and I thoroughly enjoy watching those guys eat their words.
  • Respect – many of our players and 1 in particular, Jay Cutler, has been much maligned by the media, including Rick Reily, Trent Dilfer and others for the entire season.  Trent Dilfer went so far as to say the Bears have NO CHANCE to win the Superbowl.  I am firmly a Cutler supporter and his outward appearance doesn’t bother me one bit.  He gives to charities and generally does it under the veil of secrecy.  I don’t need him chest thumping about all he does off the field.  I need him focused on Sundays and to keep his name out of the police blotter and so far he has met both of those criteria.
  • Home, sweet home – this game is being played in Chicago for the George S. Halas Trophy…can you imagine having to watch the Halas Trophy being presented to the Packers in Soldier Field?  I fear any Packer fans lingering around will seriously have to fear for their well being.
  • Age adds perspective – I will date myself, but when the Bears won the Superbowl, I was 13 years old.  While I watched the game with my buddies, Boomer was there with me, among others, and we screamed and yelled during the entire game, I am not sure we quite appreciated what we were seeing.  We were just as psyched to run down the street after the game to cash in our McDonald’s game tickets for free Big Macs because the Bears won (anyone remember that promotion?  I remember eating 2 Big Macs myself, along with fries).  Had the Bears lost, as a 13 year old, I think I would have been over the loss a lot quicker than I would if the Bears were to be unsuccessful this Sunday.

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!?!

The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…