Mr. Rodgers Isn’t Very Fond of Bears Neighborhood


Everyone is talking about how great Aaron Rodgers has been throughout the playoffs, but the Bears have one advantage that other teams don’t, Soldier Field.  Rodgers has played three games on the lakefront but hasn’t been as dominate as he has shown he can be elsewhere.  He has lost two of those games while throwing only 3 TDs and 2 INTs.  He has also lost 1 fumble.  And to make matters worse for Mr. Rodgers, it’s going to a sloppy field with freezing conditions at Soldier Field this Sunday.  He better not forget to bring his sweater.

Rodgers has been able to move the ball through the cold Chicago air in the past to the tune of about 252 yards per game, but his longest pass was only 35 yards.  Actually, only 3 of his 64 completions have gone for more than 25 yards, all of which were to Jermichael Finley.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, Finley was put on IR a long time ago and will not be at Rodgers’ disposal this week.  So what about Greg Jennings, you ask?  Well he has only caught two passes of over 20 yards (24,25) at Soldier Field.

Maybe it’s the sloppy sod or maybe it’s the way that the wind blows off of the southern part of Lake Michigan that keeps Rodgers from winning in Chicago, I don’t know.  He just hasn’t been able to push the Bears around on their home field the way he has shown he can do on the road in this year’s playoffs.  So, I’m not worried.  The Bears defense is the best it’s been since Rodgers became a starter and you know they can’t wait to show the Packers who’s tops in the NFC.  So, Mr. Rodgers…

“Let’s make the most of this Sunday,
Since we’re together, Urlacher will say,
The NFC is mine,
Kiss my behind,
No Cheeseheads will be my neighbor.

And Cutler will be,
Super Bowl MVP.
You can watch from Green Bay, with your neighbor.”

I’m sure one day you will win your own Super Bowl in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with King Friday, Mr. Rodgers.  Get some comfy slippers to wear while watching the Bears on Super Bowl Sunday.