Bears vs Packers – IT’S GAME DAY!!!


There are no more words to be spoken.  Every possible drop of hyperbole has been squeezed out of today’s Bears – Packers game.  I’ve enjoyed a great, if not nervous and stressful week.  As the lead of Bear Goggles On, I’ve never experienced this kind of action.  Ever since I’ve been doing this, the Bears have been out of the playoffs and I’ve been enjoying more family time and starting mock drafts by late January.

On Sunday, the Bears will change all of us forever.  With a win, they will give us lifetime bragging rights over our most hated rivals.  With a (gasp! Ditka forbid) loss, we will be condemned to eternal cheese-nation.

My plea to the Bears is simply this – forget everything before Sunday.   Forget your Week 3, 20-17 win.  Let’s face it, you’re not the same team, and neither is Green Bay.  Forget your Week 17 loss – your hearts weren’t really in it anyway.   Forget the preseason expectations, the naysayers (me among them).  Forget the “lucky wins” and forget the horrible losses.  None of it matters.

All that matters is today.  All that matters is 3+ hours starting at 2PM Central.  Your legacies will be forged in that small window of  time.  We Bears fans have deified the ’85 Bears for 25 years.  Today, you will take that torch and you will carry it for generations to come.  Today you will step from beyond the long shadow cast by Payton and Ditka and Dent and McMahon.

Today is your day!  Today YOU become LEGENDS!!

I will be at Soldier Field for the game, and if my hands and phone aren’t frozen into solid blocks of ice, I’ll be tweeting from the game.  Follow me on Twitter @BearGogglesOn.