Sources: Jay Cutler Has Torn MCL


For all the Jay Cutler jersey burners, critics and haters, here’s the early scoop – your scapegoat suffered a torn MCL.  This from Sean Jenen of the Chicago Sun Times:

"Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was scheduled to undergo an MRI this morning to determine the extent of a torn MCL believed to be in his left knee, according to a source close to the situation."

We’ll have to wait and see what the extent of the injury is following the official MRI results, but it looks like the physical injury will pale in comparison to the injury to Jay’s public image.  I’ve been listening to the radio and keeping an eye on Twitter all morning and the world is still piling on to Jay for how his day ended on Sunday.  Either way you slice it, it’s going to be a long offseason for Jay Cutler.