Chicago Car Salesman Fired for Wearing Packers Tie


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I saw this on the Trib’s website this morning and just had to post it.  John Stone, a car salesman in suburban Oak Lawn was fired for wearing a Packers tie to work.  Get the scoop after the jump.

"Stone said that when he showed up at work, general manager Jerry Roberts called him over to his office and then ordered him to take off the Packers tie or else he would be fired. Stone said he thought Roberts was joking and went back to work.An hour later, Stone said, Roberts came to the showroom floor and again demanded he take off the tie. When he didn’t, he was fired, Stone said."

Stone said that he wore the tie to honor his late grandmoether, who was a huge Packer fan.  Ya, right.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  Stone wanted to rub it in to all the Bears fans.  Well you know what, I agree with Roberts.

If your job is to sell things in Chicago, and you’re trying to do it on one of the darkest days in Chicago sports history, it’s not a good idea to alienate a majority of your customers.  If I were in the market for a new car, I wouldn’t buy it from some dude in a Packers tie.

I’m sure that some law suit is forthcoming and I hope that the judge in the case is a Bears fan!  Good for you Jerry Roberts.