Thank You from Bear Goggles On


We’re still busy tying a bow around the 2010 Chicago Bears and haven’t even really recapped the last game of the season with all of the Cutler craziness, but before I lose a lot of fans’ attention, I thought it would be a good time to say THANK YOU for a great season.

The 2010 Bears took us on a wild ride.  I did a radio spot right at the start of the season where  I speculated that the Bears would struggle to get to 8 wins (WRONG) but I also said that whatever their record was, that they would be interesting (RIGHT!!!).

From Week 1’s controversial “process of the catch” win over the Lions to the NFC Championship loss and Cutlergate 2011, it’s been a crazy season and I’ve had the immense pleasure in sharing it with all of you – the regular readers and one-time newcomers alike.    I hope I’ve turned some of the newcomers into regulars or at least semi-regulars.

Here at BGO we tried some segments and bits that worked (Observations of a Mad Scientist) and some that didn’t (Madden simulations went south when an X-box died and the Flashback segment that didn’t inspire a lot of interest).  I was thrilled to add a couple of new contributors (City and Deez) and lots of new readers.  The 2010 season certainly didn’t end the way we all wanted it to but I’d say overall it was a successful season.

This post is by NO MEANS a goodbye post; quite the contrary.  The main reason I wanted to say thanks is to invite you to hang with us this offseason.  We all know that being an NFL fan is a 12-month endeavor.

We’re already starting to read up college prospects, mock drafts, free agents etc.  We have the NFL Combine, mini-camps, OTA’s to look forward to.  Then again, a lot of that depends on the whole NFL Labor issue and impending lockout that’s looming.  We will be here for all of it and more.  We might even delve into some fun non-Bears related content just to keep everyone on their toes!

If there’s something that you’d like us to cover or have an interesting angle to review the season,  the stats, a bit for covering the team next season or anything, feel free to drop me a line at and pitch your idea.

Hope to see everyone around throughout the offseason and…