The Trade Jay Cutler Speculation Has Begun


The swelling on Jay Cutler’s left knee hasn’t even come down yet and the “trade Jay Cutler” speculation has already begun.  Congrats to Politico on being the first site that I came across with this golden nugget:

"GOOD TUESDAY MORNING – Bears QB Jay Cutler got roasted for coming out of the NFC Championship game. But it’s kinda tough to play with a sprained MCL. M.M. prediction: Cutler winds up in D.C. next year playing for his former coach Mike Shanahan."

Now you’ve got to consider the source.  Politico is a DC-based political blog, so what the heck do they know about football?

You also have to remember that the Redskins were thisclose to trading for Cutler back in ’09.  They’ve since picked up Jay’s former coach Mike Shanahan to run the show and also have a reputation of taking disenfranchised quarterbacks (read: Donovan McNabb).  Now all they need to do is convert DeAngelo Hall to wide receiver and they’re all set!

Like I said yesterday, it’s going to be a loooong offseason listening to this crap!